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The Ready SetAirplanes (B.o.B Cover) Lieblingslied 3. Okt. 2011
Stephen JerzakCute Lieblingslied 3. Okt. 2011
Chase CoyLullaby 3. Okt. 2011
The Ready SetYoung Forever 30. Sep. 2011
Chase CoyTurn Back The Time 30. Sep. 2011
nickasaur!Lazy Sunday Lieblingslied 30. Sep. 2011
The Secret HandshakeToo Young 30. Sep. 2011
Kill ParadiseAll For You kostenloser Download 30. Sep. 2011
The TitleDistance Lieblingslied 30. Sep. 2011
Hurry! Lets GoThe Slightest Move You Make Lieblingslied 30. Sep. 2011
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Über mich

im a very cute happy person! i think everybody is negus and beuatiful in thier own way<3 i love life and im not a chick who self loathes herself im just me:D im hilarious and im outgoing...and modest(;
I love music with a burning passion and y'all must read this and ok? wow. Have a sonversation with me and you'll think im amazing:D i wish i lived in TEXAS! cause everythings bigge there(; but i dont so...AW): im sandy from spongebob and me and my friends are a blast in a glass:D im pretty spankin and im a little munchkin so hit me up! i love school, my friends, and life!<3 i think everythings a joke and im not a violent person but if you irk me hard enuff then yes i will get p.o.d so dont mmkay?
so yeah...ahahahah favorite color is PURPLE!...and i love crime scenec CRIMINAL MINDS and facebook too:) so yeah i love ALL TIME LOW and NEVER SJOUT NEVER i will hopefully marry alex gaskarth<3
anyway i gota go eat some mac&cheese broski's
Love, KinnyPie


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