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Jumbling TowersPure Jew Gestern um 14:04
The ByrdsHave You Seen Her Face Lieblingslied Gestern um 14:01
Boards of CanadaZoetrope Lieblingslied Gestern um 13:55
Julian CopeThe Bloody Assizes Gestern um 13:52
The Free DesignRonda Go 'Round Gestern um 13:49
Stereo TotalExakt neutral Gestern um 13:45
Wolfgang StrutzWhining Away Always Gestern um 13:43
The SeedsPushin' Too Hard Gestern um 13:40
Pregnant InsomniaWallpaper Gestern um 13:36
The Teardrop ExplodesSoft Enough For You Gestern um 13:32
FireTREACLE TOFFEE WORLD Gestern um 13:30
Françoise HardyRêve Gestern um 13:26
The Penny PeepsModel Village (2007 Digital Remaster) Lieblingslied Gestern um 13:23
Les SauterellesDream Machine Gestern um 13:20
LFOLFO (Leeds Warehouse mix) Gestern um 13:16
Melody's Echo ChamberBisou Magique Gestern um 13:12
Julian CopeLas Vegas Basement Lieblingslied Gestern um 13:07
of MontrealNatalie and Effie in the Park Gestern um 13:04
StereolabMiss Modular Gestern um 12:59
NirvanaAline Cherie Gestern um 12:56
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  • petewms

    The pleasure's mine. Your music certainly deserves respect and a wide audience, and I do hope you find that. I'm tempted to do comparisons to similar artists but I'll spare you ;) Finds like this always tempt me to start a blog of my own... Cheers to you!

    12. Jan. 2013 Antworten
  • petewms

    I'm really digging 'There and Back', Kim! Still not entirely sure what to make of it all, but I consider that a great thing in some cases, and certainly this one. It brims with invention and cool little surprises. Thanks :)

    12. Jan. 2013 Antworten
  • emicom

    Thanks for the visit. Greetings from Japan. :-)

    5. Jan. 2013 Antworten
  • petewms

    Hey Kim. Wishing you an amazing 2013!

    28. Dez. 2012 Antworten
  • prominence_la

    Hi! Loving There and Back. Congrats on scoring a high ranking on the Festive 50!

    26. Dez. 2012 Antworten
  • arianne_m

    well i didn't know but now i do. yikes! that would've been terrible for sure. but no, from what i know, dave travis extreme is an american garage band from the sixties.

    21. Dez. 2012 Antworten
  • IamRutherford

    Thanks for request. Your band is quite lovely, had myself a little listen. Eclectic music library to boot.

    21. Dez. 2012 Antworten
  • Daddy_Tank

    Glad you like. Sorry for being such an asshole but your immense sense of humour will get you through.

    16. Nov. 2012 Antworten
  • petewms

    No kidding; some very powerful happy pills. And ignorance of Burnside is just a whippin' offence in some areas of the South, so just be careful where you travel. I'll get you a recc out. Thanks for the invite!

    13. Okt. 2012 Antworten
  • Braveheart53


    13. Okt. 2012 Antworten
  • petewms

    Wow - I like what you're playing over here! Free Design, too? Haven't listened to them in a long time

    12. Okt. 2012 Antworten
  • BillSwansea

    Yeah, Forkeyes makes me wish more people played bass like him. And there was going to be a compilation CD released about ten years ago but Phil Hartley wasn't up for it apparently.

    11. Okt. 2012 Antworten
  • zofijamks

    hey, thanks for your visit! :)

    10. Okt. 2012 Antworten
  • BillSwansea

    You know it good sir! One day they will be loved by millions and there will be no more wars.

    10. Okt. 2012 Antworten
  • ConsumerComrade

    More people need to listen to Red Cosmos radio. It's good! :)

    2. Okt. 2012 Antworten
  • lilleprins1

    Like your library as well. And your music! :)

    17. Sep. 2012 Antworten
  • Lucy_bee

    Sous le soleil exactement Pas à côté, pas n'importe où Sous le soleil, sous le soleil Exactement juste en dessous >bliss x

    17. Sep. 2012 Antworten
  • Lucy_bee

    Why thankyou Miss Turtle <3

    12. Jul. 2012 Antworten
  • PermntStarlight

    Hi Kim, thanks for listening to Koharu Biyori! I heard your music the other day and enjoyed it quite a bit. Going to check out your album on Bandcamp. Cheers!

    22. Jun. 2012 Antworten
  • Sciencejeff

    Thanks for noticing.

    28. Mai. 2012 Antworten
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