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Über mich

Kim – José is known for her “expressiveness, virtuosity and special warm sound” (WN 2007/D).
Kim – José studied recorder at the Sweelinck Conservatorye of Amsterdam (Netherlands) with Paul Leenhouts. Before her move to Amsterdam, she studied with Gudula Rosa at the “Westfälischen Schule für Musik” in Münster (Germany).
Kim – José was awarded many prizes on National and International competitions as a soloist and as a member of several chamber music groups for early and contemporary music.
Kim – José is the founding member of the recorder trio “aXolot” which focuses on the creation of new repertoire for recorder trio and collaborates with composers all over Europe.
As a soloist Kim – José performs contemporary, improvised and early music. In recent years she has become more interested in improvisation, World Music, performance art and music theatre. She participated in many different projects as an actor, musician and dancer. She Also plays the Kaval (Bulgarian flute).
Currently she is following a Master program at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague for modern music theatre T.I.M.E (This Is Music-theatre Education).