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3. Aug. 2008, 9:27 has enabled me to reach a whole new level of nerdery by giving me means to list every single band/artist/DJ ive seen in my life. some of which sadly don't have pages and are no longer together so i can't make them one by adding them to a lineup, thus putting them on this site. that makes baby jesus cry. or at least makes me sad in my heart until the carnival music in my head kicks in and i move on to other, more shiny and pretty things.

some of these bands i've listed simply for the fact that i did see them, even if it was accidentally. wheather or not they were opening for someone else and i banged my head against the wall until their set was over or i lost consciousness. (that's where the nerd thing comes in and i feel it necessary to list completely if i'm going to list at all.) they're also pretty much in no particular order. like the fact that tonight i remembered that i went to Ozzfest in 2000. or was it '01? and listed the bands i remember being there 7 years after the fact. and yes, i did purposefully see Rusted Root tonight for FREE! at that Live on the Levee thing they do in the summer in St. Louis. fuck you, i was raised by hippies and it was actually one of the best people watching experiences i've had in a while. drunken "hippies" in crisp, clean grateful dead shirts flinging their children and Budweiser bottles around wildly to no particular rhythm i could match it with. E-tards hugging strangers and dancing around like pricks. there were a few actual dirty, dread locked hippies but it was mainly yuppie potheads and old professor types. it was great, though. nothing like a free show. i honestly didnt know they were still a band till Amy G. invited me to go see them with her and Kristen.

moving on, of course i'm going to list all the bands to date.
Rusted Root
DJ Spree
Queens of the Stone Age
Ozzy Osbourne
Black Smokers
Knuckle Up
The Ultraviolents
Scene of Irony
Suburban Epidemic
Girl in a Coma
Dead City Dregs
The Epic Mayhem
Koffin Kats
Steve E. Nix and the Cute Lepers
An Horse
The Mad Dragons
I Stabbed My Landlord
Devil Doll (Colleen Duffy Devil Doll)
Tracy + The Plastics
The Red Handed Bandits
The Epoxies
Dave 9
Northern State
Tegan and Sara
Scream For Silence
Pansy Division
Devil Baby Freakshow
children's audio
Less Than Jake
Delta 9
Halo Friendlies
Gitogito Hustler
Heartless Bastards
Bitch Slap Barbie
The Line
Sick of It All
Erik Petersen
Mischief Brew
Dropkick Murphys
Tiger Army
Rise Against
Mindless Self Indulgence
Le Tigre
The Supermen
Hearts of Darkness
Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards
US Bombs
7 Shot Screamers
The Business
The Distillers
Bob Dylan
Against Me!
The Scuffs
Pistol Grip
Demented Are Go!


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