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RiversideOut of Myself (live) 20. Feb. 2009
Devin TownsendTruth 20. Feb. 2009
Pain of SalvationSecond Love 20. Feb. 2009
RishlooOmega 20. Feb. 2009
OpethHarvest Lieblingslied 20. Feb. 2009
dredgIt Only Took A Day 20. Feb. 2009
RiversideThrough The Other Side 28. Jan. 2009
DysrhythmiaMy Relationship Lieblingslied 28. Jan. 2009
OpethWindowpane 28. Jan. 2009
Jethro TullWond'ring Aloud 28. Jan. 2009
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I'm an English talking Chilean, progressive, jazz and latin music lover. I currently study at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and among a lot of things, I run an online community at, I work as a journalist for a Chilean webzine focused in our country's rock and metal at, I'm the singer for an upcoming progressive band named Soliloquio, I'm Mylodon Records' manager for and yeah, I'm really involved into the rock scene.

I'm a very friendly and talkative person, but I won't accept friend requests if you haven't even said "hi". I like my friends to be "friends", you know...

Currently addicted to:
Tropical Steel
In Your Multitude
Act One
Starborn, Tome I

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The Walls Of Babylon

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80,000th played track:
Madrid bop

90,000th played track:
L'Via L'Viaquez

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