Undomondo Radio Show #20


16. Jul. 2007, 12:02


#20 features, a lot of leftfield hiphop from UK’s Dirty Diggers, J. Rawls & Holmskillit, Kidkanevil even some neo-oldschool stuff by Jazzy Jeff. Some crazy stuff from Peru and Japan, particularly the awesome instrumental version of Otemoyan by Teruo Yoda and the japanese dub track by Accidental’s Setsubun Bean Unit. Interlude’s are from The Focus Group’s new album “We are all Pan’s People” and the closing oriental dub piece is off Fedayi Pacha’s new one “The 99 Names of Dub“.

available from archive.org

DJ Twelve - in trouble
Last Soul Descendents - eclipse
N'Dambi - rain
Dirty Diggers - don't know about that
J. Rawls & Holmskillit - still with me
The Focus Group - hang along
teruo yoda & 6 lemons - otemoyan
Setsubun Bean Unit - rettsu kissu
Nicomedes Santa Cruz - no me cumben
Kidkanevil - click click pop
The Focus Group - look hear now
DJ Jazzy Jeff - all i know (ft. cl smooth)
Kidkanevil - water sign
Gare du Nord - chets chat
John Coltrane - bahia
Sayag Jazz Machine - distante ya
Fedayi Pacha - yallah cowboy


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