STLT Volume VII, Issue One, "Sunday Funday"

Although I've enjoyed making playlists every month for your listening pleasure, I've decided that if I'm going to be the only person to submit playlists, the lack of participation or feedback makes...

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STLT Volume VI, Issue One, "Red Alert"

See if y'all can guess the theme to this one.

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STLT Volume V, Issue One, "Linsanity"

This month, in honor of Jeremy Lin, I have decided to only go with tracks that are completely "Linsane".

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STLT Volume IV, Issue One, "Shoegaze For The End Of Days"

There isn't that much I can tell you about this one that the title can't tell you. It's a collection of my favorite shoegazer tracks, both from the original waves of shoegazers and more recent...

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Bonus Playlist: The Best Parts About The End Of The World

This is a playlist made up of tracks from my favorite records of 2011. Farewell to you all if I don't see you again before the world end's, but take comfort in the fact that this playlist may have...

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STLT Volume III, Issue One, "Ochosiete"

For December 2011 I've decided to go with a theme, and that theme is the year of my glorious birth. It turned out to be a shitty theme. Most of the music that came out that year was pretty shit,...

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STLT Volume II, Issue One, "LAWTALK"

My STLT playlist for November 2011. No theme this time, just rawkin' tunes.

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STLT Volume I, Issue One, "Track 1"

The first installment of the Shit To Listen To playlists. This playlist is made up of all tracks which come first on their respective albums.

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