• What’s the point of music videos?

    15. Aug. 2006, 16:38

    Taking Back Sunday
    Dashboard Confessional
    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Plenty of times when you watch a music video you get the feeling it’s going to depict what the song is really about. While some of them often follow the general gist of the song others are completely abstract and just leave you even more confused. I think music videos are unnecessary because music shouldn’t have to be visual. Are we becoming so remedial that we need to see something in order to understand it better? What’s the point of writing lyrics if they’re going to be obscured by an abstract video clip?
  • The Billboard Charts

    22. Mai. 2006, 13:22

    I was looking at the billboard hot 100 and I couldn’t help but notice a trend. All the music seems to be either R&B or some such. Why is it that Indie or Alternative tracks hardly ever make it to the top? This is the music with the most feeling and lyrical thought. This music is most always original and insightful. So why doesn’t anyone care? Just a thought.
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Counting Crows
    Dashboard Confessional
  • What's wrong with mainstream?

    16. Mai. 2006, 12:20

    Green Day
    John Mayer
    Third Eye Blind

    Lately some of my favorite bands have been getting a lot of hate for going mainstream. To me a band that goes mainstream has essentially put their music out there to be enjoyed by everyone ,everywhere Some people believe it means the band have sold their souls for a little fame, but lets face it, nobody likes to be poor and having your music associated with the "struggling artist" label doesn't make it any better.
    Even thought I have to admit to hating when certain know-nothing-posers get a whiff of what’s popular and start filling up their ipods with music they know nothing about, we have to understand that it’s those same know-nothing-posers that keep our music alive. Lets face it if It wasn't for mainstream some pretty good music would go by unrecognized and unaccounted for and isn't that what's important?
  • Reflection through music

    14. Mai. 2006, 12:22

    This song is so soothing it makes me stop and think and not just about what it means, it makes me think about me and what I want. It makes me think about life.I think its pretty rare to find music that can change you and its a good thing.