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Über mich

my name is nicole danielle.
i am not definable by a paragraph, but i'll try.
i have good habits and bad habits.
i believe my friends and what i've shared with them has made me who i am.
i'm the most sensitive tom-boy there is.
i don't need to be wasted to have a good time.
i don't judge people on their sexual preference, religion or race.
i believe love does conquer all.
i think cheek kisses are a friendly sign of affection.
i could live off of toast and jam.
i'm always shy at first.
i have cancer as my zodiac sign.
i don't feel i have anything to hide or anything to prove.
i am old enough to know better, but i'm too young to care.
i carry my markers with me everywhere.
i don't like eating 'til i'm full; it makes me feel gross.
i love smiling.
i'm super gullable.
i clean when i'm stressed.
i listen to music from different genres.
i use coloring and doodling to help me think.
i wear clothes from different stores.
i'm the girl that usually hangs with the boys.
i don't think any one person's life is more valuble than any others.
i'm a totally different person at school.
i find music to be the ultimate drug.
i don't wear perfume.
i hate giving up on people.
i'm not scared of intimacy, i'm scared of someone having control over me.
i don't need anyone to agree with me.
i try to find beauty in every little thing.
i care about almost everyone i meet.
i make bracelets to express my feelings.
i don't belong to any conventional religious mass.
i try to surround myself with happy people.
i love taking pictures.
i use any creative outlet i can to express myself.
i love meeting new people.
i love living life.


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