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KwoonI lived on the Moon vor 10 Stunden
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  • wacreans

    Hello, DJ Gami.K produced "Zen Hop" in new musical genre. Zen Hop is meditation zen music include hip hop, trip hop, ambient, ethnic, abstract, downtempo, chillout. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVBGLIjdPLA

    24. Aug., 2:20 Antworten

    http://www.lastfm.de/group/Duduk =)

    16. Aug., 6:18 Antworten
  • usamike

    hi, in the comment of THE STORY from Brandi Carlile, you said "nothing but her voice is special ..nothing new.. boring .." shall you tell me other such song with torn and broken voice ? because i don't knwo other. thanks

    15. Aug., 22:37 Antworten
  • ArianaSpoiler

    khob musighi be ravande zendegie adam marbute...age tu zendegie alanet hadaf ya eshtiaghe khaasi nadashte bashi musighi ham barat yeknavakht va bimani mishe...be nazare man hamin ehsase manfi ham baraye zendegie adam lazeme,,,omidvaram in ehsaset ham mese aadataye music gush kardanet gozaraa bashe va zudtar betuni un eshtiagho peida koni...hala age khasti chizi az zendegie shakhsit begi ke ham khali shi ham man betunam komak konam begu.

    13. Aug., 10:34 Antworten
  • ArianaSpoiler

    are,jadidan kheili avaz shodi,valy jalebe ke tracke unfurl ro love nakardi

    12. Aug., 20:48 Antworten
  • ArianaSpoiler

    hatman filme the legend of 1900 o didi na?

    11. Aug., 22:54 Antworten
  • thenoose87

    Hey. How's it going? Couldn't find "Mr. Mean" by "Ali Azimi". I downloaded one named that, but it turned out to be "Aghaye Past" :) Found the other albums you recommended. Will let you know after listening to them properly :) Also could you recommend something similar to "Fekr" by "Hamed Seyed Javadi"?

    3. Aug., 20:10 Antworten
  • Pegah_Tenhi

    آخییییی مرسییییی عزیزم الان میرم میذارم دانلود بشههههههههه :*

    29. Jul., 15:47 Antworten
  • Pegah_Tenhi

    اوهوم موافقم !! ی موقع هایی از همون اول باهاشون دوست نمیشه آدم ... اتفاقن منم خیلی طول کشید تا هضم کردم و تونستم چنتا کارشو بپسندم وگرنه از اولش فقط دو تا دونه بود !!! :)))

    29. Jul., 13:58 Antworten
  • Pegah_Tenhi

    عه ؟؟؟ پس همونه اینقد با هم جور بودنو پروژه کار کردن ... میدونستم خوشت میاد من ترک بعدی ش رو هم خیلی دوس دارم :دی کلن توو این آلبوم چنتا ترکش خیلی خوب بود !!! : ))

    28. Jul., 21:47 Antworten
  • Pegah_Tenhi

    وااااااااااای کتی ایولللللل منم این ترک رو خیلییییییییییی دوس دارم میبینم که تو هم حسابی پلی کردیش :)))) اووووووووه اون آلبوم کتتونیا رو یادمه همون سال 2009 هم که دانلود کرده بودم زیاد گوش میدادم ... ی چند سال وقفه افتاد و باز دوباره اومدم توو کارش :))))

    28. Jul., 9:18 Antworten
  • Pegah_Tenhi

    ایول زودی گوش کن نظرتو بم بگووووو :**

    27. Jul., 22:26 Antworten
  • Pegah_Tenhi

    عهههههه چرا کامنت من اینقد قاطی پاتی شد ؟؟؟ :)))))

    27. Jul., 18:22 Antworten
  • Pegah_Tenhi

    عزیزم آلبوم Traces Of You رو بهت پیشنهاد می کنم چنتا ترکش واقعن عالیه و مطمئنم خوشت میاد ... حتمن اونایی که دوس داشتی رو بهم بگووو ببینم سلیقه هامون چقد شبیه :*

    27. Jul., 18:18 Antworten
  • Aureolle

    You are welcome,Lots of sun and sand))

    27. Jul., 17:42 Antworten
  • Pegah_Tenhi

    عهههه عکسشووووو بسیار دوست میدارمشششش :* میبینم ک انوشکا رو هم گوش میدیییی بسیار عالییییی

    27. Jul., 17:33 Antworten
  • Aureolle

    Greetings from Russia)

    27. Jul., 17:17 Antworten
  • hasantayyar

    hm and it means also "with two wings"

    26. Jul., 22:51 Antworten
  • hasantayyar

    Yes it means flying. an Arabic word. It's not a very common name but my friends mostly use this name.

    26. Jul., 22:46 Antworten
  • hasantayyar

    both are my name. Hasan Tayyar. You can use whatever you want. but my second name Tayyar is most common : )

    26. Jul., 22:36 Antworten
  • Alle 2154 Shouts

Über mich

I am your doubt
your constant sin
the swollen shape
of your regrets

you make your way
to where I am
as you remain
inside the cold white room

brother shoot me down
kill me from within
brother shoot me down
kill me once again

I am the void
carved in your face
all eyes and ears
are bouncing off

don't let a sound
seep through the wax
you left a friend
inside the cold white room

brother shoot me down
kill me from within
brother shoot me down
kill me once again

I'm the hurricane
in your water glass
stir me
stir me

I am your first step
into no man´s land
walk me
walk me

brother shoot me down
kill me from within
brother shoot me down
kill me once again

Diorama - Dear Brother

Avec le temps...
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va
On oublie le visage et l'on oublie la voix
Le cœoeur, quand ça bat plus, c'est pas la peine d'aller
Chercher plus loin, faut laisser faire et c'est très bien
Avec le temps...
Avec le temps, va, tout s'en va
L'autre qu'on adorait, qu'on cherchait sous la pluie
L'autre qu'on devinait au détour d'un regard
Avec le temps tout s'évanouit..

Avec Le Temps - Léo Ferré

waiting for these album releases :
Interpol's 2014 album coming this year
Diary of Dreams - Elegies in Darkness (14th of March)
Imogen Heap - Sparks
Insomnium - Shadows Of The Dying Sun
Opeth - Pale Communion

Overall :

in this week :

Through dark and light I fight to be
So close
Shadows and lies mask you from me
So close
Bath my skin, the darkness within
So close
The war of our lives no one can win

The missing piece I yearn to find
So close
Please clear the anguish from my mind
So close
But when truth of you comes clear
So close
I wish my life had never come here
So close

Ólafur Arnalds – So Close

All the uniforms are shit
All the ideals are shit
Love and this nation have forced us
In a chain of sperm and blood.

Pack your bags and quit
The luxuries of life
That never seem to fit
Pack your bags and quit
The luxuries of life
The race of walking batteries..
The tales of talking batteries..

  • I don't believe in any religion.
  • I like having correct tags, so if I dont know the name of the artist or the track,or even the correct album, I DON'T scrobble and turn the lastfm scrobbler OFF. I wanna have a neat library!!
  • I try searching for new music whenever possible. one of my biggest entertainment!
  • I also try to be open-minded in music :D
  • I try to avoid POP.. however there are always some pop songs I happen to like! which is ok.
  • I'm also interested in World Music! :3 hope I can listen to this genre more.
  • Great music taste is Attractive..:P :3 I like finding new people with fresh interesting tastes! :B
  • DOOM METAL is not my thing, this genre appeared in my tag clouds as a result of listening to too much KATATONIA =/ ( I love this band, their new proggy stuff, not the old doomy ones)
  • I unloved all my tracks 2 or 3 months ago, now I tend to love the tracks I really really love.

I love like different genres of music.. but my very fav ones are Progressive Metal/Rock (Pink Floyd,Porcupine Tree , Katatonia, Opeth, Riverside,....)and Electronic(Bjork,Naomi,Diorama,IAMX,...).:)
I'll give anything a single listen. After that the music better speak to me or it gets crossed out.