Shuffle meme : insomnia remedy


23. Dez. 2011, 5:45

1. This explains your worst mistake.
Depuis le premier jour
Expecting things from love when I was a kid. That brought a lot of trouble, indeed.

2. This explains what was going through your mind during your first kiss.
When I'm 64
Yeah, most likely expecting things from the future again. Gladly, I know better now.

3. This explain what was going through the other person's mind.
Father Lucifer
Eh. Okay. Maybe thinking about Lucifer indeed, he was a wannabe satanist so... haha. Yeah.

4. Your parents always thought you would become..
À ma façon
Yes, I suppose they left this between my hands mostly and never really expected anything specific.

5. This explains your first date.
The Constellation of the Heart
Yeah, okay, totally accurate. What an awful song though :(

6. This represents you and your first love.
Are You Happy Now ?
Accurate at the time, but now were back together and happy :3

7. This explains your first time.
Vivre en Amour
Hippie song for my first time, totally buzzed out. Legit.

8. This explains what the other person thought afterwards.
LOL. No that's probably how my first love, which was next door, felt though.

9. Your first job was..
Made me resentful, YES. LOL

10. Middle school was..
Very relevant from my teenagehood romantic point of view.

11. You got through high school doing..
Leave It Open
That's what I regret : Keeping it shut.

12. This is how you pictured your life in the future..
Un musicien parmi tant d'autres
Pretty much ! Pretty pessimistic...

13. Your first car was..
By foot from...
That's right, my two feet.

14. Your first road trip was..
Jig of Life
Never say goodbye to my part of your life ♥

1. Your biggest problem in life at the moment..
Totes !

2. This is how your boyfriend/girlfriend feels about you..
On a symbolic level, yes ? Hurt by his blind love for me, I guess...

3. This is what your best friend would say about you..
Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbreak
She's insane ! xD

4. Your parents think of you when they hear this..
Space Dementia
It's the other way around ! This song makes me think about my relationship with them...

5. This is how you feel about love..
The Promise
Oh no, totally not how I feel, but how it factually happened to be with my actual partner though, who has been my first love 8 years ago.

7. This describes your outlook on the future..
Les enfants ne sont pas tous beaux
xD O....kay.... ?

8. You currently want..
Rich Girl
Yes if I was a wealthy girl my fridge wouldn't have been empty for the last 2 weeks.

9. You currently need..
This Velvet Glove

10. Those who are envious of you think..
Yes, if you envy me, you need help. Definately.

11. This is how you are in school..
Hands Clean

12. This describes one of your secrets..
Walk Straight Down the Middle
I can cope ? R'ly ? Ok...

13. This first thing you think every morning..
Ces Étranges lueurs

14. The first impression you give is..
Take a Bow
An angry activist ? I'm lovin' it.

15. This explains how you feel about the world..
Happiness Is a Warm Gun
Again, not how I feel but how things are.

1. The song playing when you meet "the one".
Indeed, amongst other cheesy songs from the previous decades xD

2. Your wedding song will be..
Precious Things
Cheer up, emo kid.

3. This describes your children..
Just as emo? Or are you saying I'm going to miscarry ? F**K YOU SHUFFLE MEME.

4. Your family pet is..
Hero of the Day
Lawl. He is.

5. You will live..
Scar Tissue
More good news.

6. Your occupation is..
Wuthering Heights
Okay ._.

7. This describes how you feel about work..
Je bois de l'eau au lit
And I eat shit at work. This' my well balanced life according to Canada's food guide.

8. About your husband..
The Kick Inside
Going to kill me ? hmm... yes, legit. But not for carrying his child though.

9. You find out you have this sickness..
See Me Fall

10. Everyone around you feels..
Heaven's Night
like Silent Hill.

11. You lose someone close to you and you feel..
No Scrubs

12. This is how you feel about life now..
Killing in the Name Of
Killing in the name of stupid customer service :3

13. The most you will learn in life is..
OH, nice......

14. Your best time in life was..
Rock Show
Makes sense.

15. You'll never forget..
I Want To Pogne
Most subjective shuffle meme I've ever done. I DON'T WANT TO REMEMBER ALL THIS.


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