top fifteen


18. Aug. 2010, 14:36

"Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite."

1a) Metallica
1b) Motorbreath
1c) Creeping Death
1d) Damage, Inc., The Shortest Straw

2a) Emilie Autumn
2b) Opheliac
2c) Shalott, Face the Wall
2d) Shalott, Gentlemen Aren't Nice, Let The Record Show

3a) Slayer
3b) Dittohead
3c) Addict, Criminally Insane
3d) Addict, South Of Heaven, Serenity In Murder, Criminally Insane, Mandatory Suicide

4a) Megadeth
4b) Symphony of Destruction
4c) Captive Honour, Last Rites/Loved to Death
4d) Captive Honour, Last Rites/Loved to Death, Good Mourning/Black Friday, A Tout le Monde, Back in a Day, Rattlehead, Peace Sells, Holy Wars, Lucretia, Tornado Of Souls (...) mogę już przestac?

4a) Annihilator
4b) W.T.Y.D.
4c) Alison Hell
4d) Alison Hell, Catch the Wind, King of the Kill, Tricks and Traps, Second to None, Snake in the Grass

6a) Alice in Chains
6b) Would?, Rotten Apple
6c) Would?, Nutshell
6d) Would?, Man in the Box, Nutshell

7a) Kat
7b) dunno O_O
7d) Łza dla cieniów minionych, Mag-Sex, Odi Profanum Vulgus

8a) The Great Kat
8b) dunno O_O
8c) Sex & Violins, Metal Messiah, Paganini's 24th Caprice
8d) Sex & Violins, Metal Messiah

9a) Toxik
9b) dunno
9c) There Stood the Fence
9d) There Stood the Fence, Think This

10a) Overkill
10b) can't remember
10c) dunno
10d) In Union We Stand, Deny the Cross, Elimination, Live Young, Die Free

11a) hSodom
11b) dunno
11c) dunno
11d) In War and Pieces, God Bless You, Agent Orange

12a) O.S.T.R.
12b) dunno.
12c) Brat, Nikt Mi Nie Zabroni...
12d) Brat, Nikt Mi Nie Zabroni..., Spalic Gniew,Rap po godzinach

13a) horde (pl)
13b) dunno.
13c) dunno.
13d) Faded Roses

14a) Anthrax
14b) dunno.
14c) dunno
14d) Among the Living

15a) Bohren & der Club of Gore
15b) Destroying Angels
15c) Destroying Angels
15d) whole "Black Earth" album


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