16. Feb. 2007, 1:37

'nuff said. crowd participation/togetherness/dancing on stage with gregg (aka girl talk himself) + other fans was the best time of my life.

Sat 3 Feb – Girl Talk//Girl Talk//Illegal Art//Girl Talk, show, concert, music, dance, party, Wexner Center


  • JimmyEatWorld

    You're [b]so[/b] lucky. I was gonna go to his L.A. show last month but things didn't work out. I regret it so much.

    16. Feb. 2007, 1:49
  • katehutson

    I'm sure he'll be back! He's also playing at Coachella AND Bonnaroo! If you're in the LA area I'm sure it wouldn't be too lengthy a trip out to Indio to see him at 'chella. :)

    16. Feb. 2007, 2:05
  • JimmyEatWorld

    I was thinking of going to Coachella this year but the line-up simply doesn't justify the hefty price tag. He's one of the few at the festival that I would've loved to see. Did he have any cool merchandise at the show? Like his rare vinyl releases or something.

    16. Feb. 2007, 2:29
  • katehutson

    he had a pre-show signing/meet&greet but i didn't feel like waiting in line forEVVVEERR so i didn't.. but it was held in the store at the art & music venue at my school (ohio state university), so i imagine they were selling all of his stuff in here, i just didn't get a chance to look. :/

    16. Feb. 2007, 4:58
  • mavieromantique

    hey! i was totally standing right next to you for a good chunk of that show. it was the best night of my life pretty much.

    23. Feb. 2007, 5:11
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