• Music that has made me

    12. Nov. 2007, 9:14

    im always rolling this over in my head..and its always changing, but today i have a concrete list of artists that truly move me.

    Pearl Jam - probably will be #1 forever. what else do i gotta say that aint been said already about these guys?? Jeff Ament is the reason i play bass and i pretty much want to be eddie vedder. no one will ever understand the deep rooted love i have for this band. seeing them live for the first time this past summer at lollapalooza will live on as one of the best memories of my life.

    Favorite Songs (in very particular and much debated order) : Red Mosquito, Last Exit, Parting Ways, Long Road, Save You

    Dave Matthews, etc - the first artist i ever really listened to. i was but a confused sophomore in high school when i went out and bought "some devil", along with outkast's "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below". That record and the subsequent albums of brilliance i uncovered in the months to come changed my life. Dave is the reason i play guitar. I would not be who i am today without Dave Matthews and his band. "turns out not where but who your with that really matters". someday i hope that holds true.

    Favorite Songs (reaaaaly tough one): Grace is Gone, You Never Know, Crash Into Me, Tripping Billies, Two Step.

    Incubus - this is the most recent addition to my sacred top 5. i didnt really discover incubus until i randomly popped in "morning view" one night then summer while i was getting high. Their music has moved me like i never could've imagined. I want to be Brandon Boyd (even moreso than EV). He has the best voice in music today i think, and incubus as a whole is terribly underrated. Mike Einzinger has also become one of my favorite guitarists of all time, with his amazingly unique style. What an amazing fucking band.

    Favorites: Pardon Me, Nowhere Fast, Dig, Privledge, Aqueous Transmission

    Radiohead - Another very recent addition to my list. I remember buying Kid A last summer after i quit my job (along with Sublime's self titled...those were awesome purchases) and being very confused and a little afraid at what i heard. if memory serves im pretty sure i made it about halfway through the song "kid a" before i turned it off. haha that seems like a lifetime ago. im glad i eventually came around, because since Kid A, OKC, and the bends have all become some of my favorite records. Im just in love with johhny greenwoods amazing guitar playing and thom's hauntingly beautiful voice. Like people say, you either 'get' radiohead or you dont, and im so fucking glad that i do. they've changed the way i listen to music.

    Favorites: The National Anthem, I Might Be Wrong, Kid A, Just, Airbag

    Jimi Hendrix - in a totally not homosexual way, i am in love with this man. i dont know how else to put it. he completely revolutionized music, and his music is as relevant today as it ever was. i love his on stage demeanor, his legendary pervasive drug use, his also legendary prowess with the ladies, his flamboyant attire..and, oh yeah, the fucking space music he made in his (far too short) time on earth. i could watch the dvd of him playing woodstock a hundred times a day and it wouldnt get old. truly, in my opinion, the most genious musician of the 20th century. and he dont live today...maybe tomorrow but i just can't say.

    Favorites: May this be love?, Manic Depression, Voodoo Chile (standard and slight return), Castles Made of Sand, Message to Love

    HONORABLE MENTION: Rage Against the Machine, Notorious B.I.G., The Rolling Stones, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Audioslave, John Mayer, Tom Petty.

    keep on listening and ill keep on livin.
  • Why I love music

    28. Okt. 2007, 6:21

    i love music because it cant instantly take you back to the past to the day you last heard it. It can make a shitty day better, if for just a few minutes. it can make your heart race, and if the right song hits you at the right time, it can make you cry.

    my life would be nothing without music. everything else feels fake to me. i sometimes feel out of place or awkward everywhere but when im holding a guitar or singing along with one of my favorite tunes. its my only time in life when i feel truly at peace..when there's nothing to think about but the music. somedays, music is the only thing that gets me out of bed. i dont know where im going in this life, but music is what digs at me. ill sing a song to remind me that we'll always have eachother when everything else is gone.