New Music for 01/18/07


19. Jan. 2007, 2:52

I got a stack of discs yesterday, most of them from artists I'd never heard of. Thankfully there's a good deal of good music to be found this week.

Funkstörung - Appendix

Funkstörung has broken up, but they still have some material to release. This album is a collection of remixes done for a variety of artists. Highlights include interesting and clever treatments of All Is Full Of Love, Heaven, and Sustain, my favorite on the disc. The only tracks to fall short of keen are Trick Or Treat and Love in a Trashcan.

Herbert - 100lbs

This is a re-release of 100 Lbs which includes a bonus disc. 1995 was the early years of House music, but the music can hardly be called dated, even 12 odd years later. Friday They Dance and Deeper are my picks from the original disc, while I'll Do It and Trafalgar Road make impressions on the bonus disc as original works, not remixes. A few odd tracks, like Fishcoteque, may sound a bit beep-bloopy, but they're certainly interesting.

Deerhunter - Crytograms

I listened to this album with a bit of uncertainty, and that uncertainty remains afterwards. I'm not sure what Deerhunter are trying to represent here, but it's certainly interesting. I can't fault the album for it's experimentalist and leanings, but only Octet and Heatherwood will likely see airplay. It's a good album, but doesn't fit well even into my diverse airtime playlist.

2 Bit Pie - 2 Pie Island

Listeners of this album might be wondering what sounds so familiar about the texture and vocals of this, the first release from 2 Bit Pie. I had the same eerie feeling, but found out the secret beforehand. Two of the founding members of Fluke are behind this release, and it's written in ones and zeros all over the place. Fly, the album's intro track, gives a good taste of what's to come. Soto Mundo, Pil and Little Things are the crisp center of this treat. If you like Fluke, you'll go away pleased with this album. If you like nice, dancey and foot-tapping electronica, you're also in for a good show.

Skinny Puppy - Mythmaker

I have to admit that I've been a Skinny Puppy fan since the very early 90s. Cleanse, Fold and Manipulate introduced me to a creepy, but intriguing, world of electronic music. The Greater Wrong of the Right pushed SP solidly into the 21st century. Mythmaker succeeds at following that album with an even more eclectic, but instantly recognizable feeling. Haze and Ambiantz are the standout tracks during my listening. With few exceptions, this is a very good album from one of the most enduring names in Industrial music.

Deepface - Feel the Love

This album, the first from the Australian group, finally hits our shores with a pleasant blend of female vocals and catchy beats. Deepface knows the formula for club and house music, so it's no surprise that I wasn't disappointed, but wasn't impressed either. The title track Feel rhe Love, Banshee and Is This Love present the best of the album. This is the kind of music you can listen to almost anytime, anywhere, but is best in a loud club with a pretty girl.


  • jacinto

    Just saw this journal.. a bit late. but i think ambiantz is great too. fuck all the people who think this track is lame!

    14. Dez. 2007, 6:53
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