• Reminders to thy self. UPDATED 9/30/10

    1. Okt. 2009, 0:32

    This journal entry is just for my records, as a reminder of what albums I need to purchase next but feel free to leave me a comment as to any other albums I should consider adding to my list. And of course this journal entry will constantly be updated.

    Brand New - Daisy
    Baroness - Blue Record
    Kylesa - Static Tensions
    Russian Circles - Geneva
    Gorillaz - World of the Plastic Beach
  • Down/Melvins/Weedeater @ The Showbox SoDo 8/11/09

    17. Aug. 2009, 3:24

    Ahh yes...yet another Melvins show to review. Although my prior intentions in going to this show was just to see Melvins, I was excited as hell to see what Down and Weedeater brought to the table. My fellow companions and I were running behind so I believe we missed the other two openers...whom I can't even remember were suppose to be. The first band I see comes on is Weedeater, a three piece band from Wilmington, North Carolina. Dave Collins' stage performance is....well...entertaining that's for sure. Blowing snot rockets on the stage in between songs, singing with his tongue hanging out and going cross-eyed on his hard screams. Now, I must admit that I had only heard of Weedeater shortly before seeing them. Mostly reminiscent of their song Wizard Fight, which by the way would be an awesome track to compile a video with scenes of Gandolf kickin some Oger ass! They played a few of their other tracks that I didn't recognize before they played Wizard Fight in the middle of their set, and they played it awesome live! I thought they just ended the song short until they played a few other songs and actually went back into Wizard Fight and closed their set with the second half of the track. Brilliant.

    After their set it was time for a bathroom break and than a beer. As I'm standing in line for a beer, I look over to my right and there are the boys from Weedeater. I decided to say hi and put my two cents in on how I thought their show went. I ended up tapping on Keko's sholder (drummer) and this guy....haha, very entertaining and very friendly might I add, as I shake his hand, he decided a hug would be much cooler, thus picking me up like a bear and twirling me around and giving me a kiss on the hand....yeah he was special.

    Note: to any new comers to the Showbox SoDo...the one thing I don't like about this venue is the inability to reenter as you please. So once you leave, that's that. No smoke breaks (unless you're a sneaky turd and head for the mosh pit like me).

    Melvins, well...what can I really say about Melvins and their live performances that I haven't already said in one of my prior journal entries? Besides the fact the maybe Buzz's hair is getting whiter and whiter. They put on a great show as always, but only playing a 45 minute set, so it was a short one for the boys this time.

    And last but not least, Down is up. A group comprising of members from the bands Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar, Superjoint Ritual, Eyehategod and Kingdom of Sorrow. Now I hadn't heard anything from this band at all before going to the show, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Needless to say, not knowing what I was in for I just headed straight for the mosh pit (okay maybe a little off to the side, I didn't want to get plummeted), knowing only that I needed to burn off some much needed pent up aggression and frustration. Some where in the mix of being bumped and pushed around, I decided to go for a ride on top of the crowd (it's been years since I've actually crowd surfed). As I'm approaching the front of the stage I turn and see Phil Anselmo right there in front of me. So I just screamed "Yeah PHIIIIL FUCK YEEEEEEAH", he points and winks at me. Security guards grab me and I run off to join the pit again for the rest of the show. Now all in all when it comes to Down and their music, in all honesty, sounded just like Pantera with just a little bit more of a stoner feel to it. Still fuckin rockin though that's for sure.

    The show comes to a close and I'm feeling drunk, high, exhausted, stinky and sweaty. My car was probably about a mile away from the venue, but with the subtle rain fall after the show it was a much needed walk to cool off.
  • Isis at Neumo's, June 20th 2009

    22. Jun. 2009, 16:16

    The show opened up with Mamiffer. A one guitar and piano player set…umm all I remember from them was feedback and noise. I didn’t give them much of my attention as I was more pre-occupied with purchasing my badass panoramic poster (which I’ll have to scan and post on here for you to see, it’s pretty awesome!), and quenching my thirst with some Mirror Ponds. I had shown up late for the show, so Mamiffer was just about done with their set.

    Thrones was up next, a side project of Joe Preston’s. So I was kind of expecting an actual band…? No, not so much. It was just Joe, all by himself on stage with his bass. With music pre-recorded and playing off a computer. It’s not that it didn’t sound bad, I just found it kind of odd. If I hadn’t been there just to see Isis, I would have been disappointed in the supporting acts. I was just bored I guess.

    Now, like I said in one of my previous show reviews that you’ll have to excuse my poor memory, but I can never remember in any order, or exactly all what songs they played. I do remember them playing Hall of the Dead, Ghost Key, Hand of the Host, In Fiction and Threshold of Transformation. Obviously they did play more than just those. Now the real question for me is what did they play on their encore? I want to say it was something off of their Celestial album.

    Either way, the guys put on an AMAZING show! They were spot on perfect and loud as hell, my ears were ringing for a good day and a half. I enjoyed the show in front and center of the stage being able to see everything the whole time. Well at least when I had my eyes open and was watching the stage and not bangin my head haha which by the way, I was told that supposedly I was being a little brat in the mosh pit, pushing everyone? I’m sorry but if you can’t stand the pit, get the fuck out! Right!!? Sheesshh.

    Anyways, their closer…unFUCKINbelievable piece to end a show with! If anyone that went to the same show can tell me exactly what track that was it’d be appreciated. It was such a heavy soul crushing experience that I thought for sure I was going to pass out right in the middle of the pit. It was so hot and muggy there in the middle that by the time it was over and done with I was completely covered and drenched in sweat, stinking to high hell. When the show ended we exited the venue for some much needed fresh air. I had really wanted to stay around afterwards and see if I could meet the guys when they came out, but I had put ALL of what energy I had left into the encore…I was ready to go back to the hotel, eat some burritos and pass the fuck out!

    The show was definitely one of those that you wish would never ever end, or that you could just live over and over again, but I’ll just have to wait another two years…

    I did get confirmation that the closer was in fact Celestial (The Tower) but done in a bit of a different way. An awesome way!

  • Melvins at the Showbox/Market in Seattle 5/23

    26. Mai. 2009, 17:33

    The drive up to Seattle was a breeze, finding a parking spot right next to the Showbox was even breezier. Arriving just before 7:00 we still had roughly three hours to bull shit and have some drinks in the Green Room before the show would start.

    When the doors opened to the venue it quickly filled up with concert goers of all ages anxiously awaiting for the show to start. Trying to find a good place to stand up in the bar with the people I went with seemed pointless, I knew I wasn't going to be standing still for longer than a minute at a time. So I just drank some more, meandering within the crowd.

    Closing in on 10 PM, Buzz, Dale and Mike (Dillard) make their way to the stage, the lights dim and the feedback starts screaming. SHOW TIME!! Bringing in the original members from when they first started back 1982 minus Matt Lukin. They, as Buzz would put it, were pleased to be there to play the songs they first learned or tried to learn how to play on their instruments while shit faced drunk and bored with nothing else better to do than to entertain themselves and aggravate their neighbors.

    Playing a great set of their Mangled Demos from 1983 for roughly an hour or more they left the stage for a break. On comes Green River, which I honestly am not going to waste my time, nor yours in writing down how much of a bore they were. I think I spent most of my time outside eating hotdogs, chain smoking and running into random people I knew while they took the stage.

    Melvins came back on once again to play the album Houdini in it's entirety. I made sure to see to it that I was in the middle of the mosh pit for songs "Joan of Arc", "Hooch", "Going Blind", "Lizzy", "Hag Me" and "Set Me Straight" and although "The Bit" is off of the Stag album they played that as well which I was overly excited about! Collectively between the two sets they played for a close three hours worth! That's one thing I love about seeing these guys, they always go on for longer than most.

    Don't ask me what they opened and closed with...I have a horrible memory when it comes to those details. I just remember some of the songs they played. And stupid me, when the show was over of course we left the building and went outside just for Mike Dillard to call us asking where we were at! But they wouldn't let us back in :( Nonetheless it was an awesome show, closing just after 1 in the morning and I arrived back at home just before 4:00 tired as hell, sober, extrememly stinky, and sore.....ah good times.

    Next month, ISIS!
  • Bands/Artist's I've seen live - Updated 9/29/10

    23. Jun. 2008, 20:03

    I've been wanting to put a list together of all the bands and artists I've seen live so here's a start. I'm sure I probably forgot some, it's hard to remember them all ya know! So as I go I'll keep adding to the list of course.


    Celine Dion (When Titanic came out..I was obsessed!)
    Brooks N Dunn (work convention lol)
    Deftones – 3x
    Brand New
    Melvins – 5x
    Fitz of Depression
    Jello Biafra
    Stone Temple Pilots
    Linkin Park
    Vendetta Red
    3 Inches of Blood
    Isis - 3x (R.I.P.)
    Wolves in the Throne Room
    Coheed & Cambria
    Against Me! – 2x
    Akimbo – 2x
    Mastodon – 2x
    The Bravery
    Smashing Pumpkins
    Hot Hot Heat
    Burning Brides
    Story of the Year
    As I Lay Dying
    Pelican - 2x
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Flaming Lips
    Mercy Me
    Third Day
    Out of Eden
    The Used
    Ros Micheals
    Deadsy – unfortunately twice
    Presidents of the United States of America
    Outtasite w/ Sir Mix-A-Lot (was a joke!)
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    Green River
    Theory of a Deadman
    Death Cab for Cutie
    Rev Theory
    Motley Crue
    Amon Tobin
    Sun O)))
    Murder By Death
    Ha Ha Tonka
    Red Sparowes
  • Tool’s Lateralus album, a close encounter with a DMT trip?

    19. Jun. 2008, 21:24

    I’ve had my far share of experimenting with drugs, the last one being DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). This is by far the most powerful, extreme psychedelic drug I have ever tried. Only lasting for up to five minutes it’ll give you the biggest adrenaline rush of your life! A few days after my experience I felt the need to re-buy the Lateralus album (first one got lost with 200 something other CD’s). After re-listening to the album again I realized the whole entire album was just like my trip. In order for those of you who have not tried or even heard of DMT, let me give you some facts about this drug and than share my story.

    DMT or Dimethyltryptamine is known as the Spirit Molecule. Not only found in nearly every living organism on the planet, but also existent in our bodies located in the pineal gland. This molecule is what produces our dreams while we sleep, an experience during our birth and also near death experiences. It is non-habit forming, creates no withdrawl symptoms whatsoever, and only last for about five minutes. This is an illegal substance, just becoming illegal only a little over a year ago. But since it is already found in our brains wouldn’t we all be found guilty for possession of an illegal substance? Five minutes? That’s it…what’s the point you might ask. Well…here’s my first experience that I’d like to share:

    I had never even heard of it until a buddy of mine explained it all to me. Well his explanation was short compared to my actual experience! I was first disappointed when he gave me my own bowl to smoke and left me in a quiet room alone, well I smoked it, and nothing happened, I thought it was a joke. I told him of this so we loaded two bowls as this time he would trip with me.
    On my second bowl I took my first hit and began to feel buzzy and light headed, on my second hit as soon as I tried to exhale I had the biggest adrenaline rush of my life! Within a flash I left my body and soared thru the roof, the sky, and the universe in a wormhole and suddenly stopped and came into a temple. I really thought that I had just OD-ed on the DMT because I thought that I had stopped breathing and my heart stopped beating.

    I was scared shitless to say the least. But as soon as I came to the temple I knew I was still alive and breathing, for the room I was in had beautifully structured pillars that pulsated with the rhythm of my body, my breathing. I honestly didn’t like it right away but knowing I was alive I had to remind myself…

    “But I’m still right here
    Giving blood, keeping faith
    And I’m still right here.

    Wait it out
    Gonna wait it out,
    Be patient (wait it out).”

    I could see a million faces within faces that were apart of this structure along with far complex geometrical shapes that bounded the structure together. Colors so bright and brilliant that it would seem that I had never noticed these colors around me in reality before until now.

    “Black then white are all I see in my infancy.
    Red and yellow than came to be, reaching out to me.
    Let’s me see there is so much more,
    And beckons me to look through to these infinite possibilities.”

    “I embrace my desire to feel the rhythm,
    to feel connected enough to step aside and weep like a widow
    to feel inspired, to fathom the power,
    to witness the beauty, to bathe in the fountain,
    to swing on the spiral or our divinity and still be a human”

    I recall saying “WOW” in my head but hearing it echo thru this room as if I was literally standing in there. In the center of the room there was a woman, sitting cross legged and meditating. She was transparent just like some of Alex Grey’s paintings such as this one

    Only I remember her having breasts.

    Slowly but surely I started coming "back into my body" I could feel that my palms were clammy and that I was cold. My visions started to dissinigrate and I couldn't help but only smile and eventually start laughing for I was in such a euphoric state of mind.

    It’s so hard to try and put everything that I saw and experienced and how I feel that the Lateralus album relates, so this is the best I can I do for now. Here also, is a video with Joe Rogan speaking about it that if you have the time, take a look.