The New Classics @ Monday, October 10th, 2011


11. Okt. 2011, 14:14

Tune in to The New Classics on Mondays 2-4 PM MST on CJSW, 90.9 FM.

Exitmusic - "The Modern Age"
Bombay Bicycle Club - "Your Eyes"
Feist - "How Come You Never Go There"

Painted Palms - "Falling Asleep"
Guineafowl - "My Lonely Arms"
fox opera - "Shark Lung"

Baskery - "Mortal"
The Gertrudes - "Derby Girl"
Union Electric - "The Irish Orphan"

The Boxcar Boys - "Paco Junior"
Kathleen Edwards - "Wapusk"

Landon A.R. Coleman - "The Weekend Times"
Will Currie & The Country French - "The Harbourmaster's Daughter"

Rocket From The Tombs - "Good Times Never Roll"
The Falcons - "Boudoir Girls"
The Manvils - "Black Tornado"
Josh Dobbs and the Deficit of Dreams - "Enough Time To Live"

J Boogie's Dubtronic Science - "I'm On Fire"
Young Rival - "The Ocean (Junior Boys Remix)"
Odonis Odonis - "New World"

Vex Ruffin - "I'm Creative"
Holiday Shores - "Threepeat Got Old"
Gem Club - "Twins"
Carter Tanton - "Saturday"
Savaging Spires - "October"
Still Corners - "Cuckoo"

Loney Dear - "Calm Down"
Popstrangers - "Arrest Your Body"
Moon King - "Old"

Tyranahorse - "One Way"
Caged Animals - "All the Beautiful Things in the World"
Pikachunes - "New Fiend"

Thanksgiving - Where is it? Why is there no mention of it in most malls and stores? I think Thanksgiving is a way more noble holiday than Halloween, which is just fun, yet there are way more halloween cards (seriously) than Thanksgiving cards. I don't get it.


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