2006 Christmass Theme


27. Dez. 2006, 23:29

Just wonder what has been your theme for this christmass, personally this christmass was pretty dry. I am not sure if being at 32 C (83 F) is good or bad when it comes to Xmass. However you can say that I was part of a xmass miracle as I see my brothers and parents all together watching tv in the lounge and we are not sure how many of this meetings we will hve in the future. With my brother, sister and myself living away from home, the thought of having this things going on seem so far and far.

This xmass was filled with the tuness of Soulful Bossa Nova, and a collection from Sade to Lisa Ono filled the room. I also digged a whole new genre of different artist such as Azymuth, Cal Tjader and even more exotic ones.

The reason of not having such a soulful xmass was probably because of the current situation with my gf. Having the love of my life having her own life on the other side of the planet make each xmass more dry and dry.

I got to talk to her only 2 days after Xmass to find out that well she miss me too much and that she also not sure about our relationship surviving. We miss our smell, the texture of our skin, softness of our kiss and roughness of our sex. We came to realize that each time it becomes more genuine the pain of being away from each other. Sorry no theme for this xmass, where most of what I wanted for this xmass was her.

Maybe Boyz II Men will sound again as I feel deep her love, until now is just a gloomy pain.


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