Thu 10 May – Andrew Bird, Mucca Pazza


11. Mai. 2012, 18:21

Thu 10 May – Andrew Bird, Mucca Pazza

I've seen Andrew Bird on a number of occasions now and he has yet to disappoint, so I eagerly snapped up some tickets when he announced an on-sale date for the Detroit show with very little notice. Front row, baby! It was nice to not have to drive to the suburbs for a change, and plus the Fillmore is a pretty great venue. As usual, Mr. Bird did not disappoint, though he was slightly upstaged by Mucca Pazza, who opened for him. I knew we were in for something weird/special when the security guard at the front of the stage warned us that 30 band members would be stepping up to the stage from the crowd. As for what happened next, here's a picture to sum it up:

An insane rock and roll marching band complete with their own troupe of cheerleaders? Why not?! In any case, their antics went on for an exciting, amusing, entertaining, and somewhat bewildering 30 minutes or so. Definitely one of the better unfamiliar opening acts I've seen in recent memory and I would strongly recommend that you get there early if they're opening for Andrew Bird at your stop, or go see them when they come to town.

Here's a fairly representative video. yeah. Andrew Bird played too! I told my wife during the intermission that it takes a lot of confidence to bring along an opening act like Mucca Pazza, and although Mr. Bird may have said confidence his set was still made a bit less enjoyable by the sheer insanity that preceded it.


New Instrumental (I think - possibly titled Afreak)
Danse Caribe
Measuring Cups
Desperation Breeds...
Orpheo Looks Back
Bein' Green
Give It Away
So Much Wine
Dear Dirty
The Crown Salesman
Fitz & Dizzyspells
Fatal Shore
Tables & Chairs

If I Needed You
I'm Goin' Home

Don't get me wrong, it was a good set rife with covers and a few rarities, plus choice selections from his wonderful recent album (Hole in the Ocean Floor sadly missing), it was just a bit too mellow. Not as many rambling stories as I like to hear, either.

In conclusion: Andrew Bird is great, but Mucca Pazza were better last night. Hooray!


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