I WILL BATTLE TO SEE WHO IS MORE INDIE. if i lose i'll cry & call myself emo., 32, Weiblich, Vereinigte StaatenZuletzt gesehen: Juni 2014

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  • abstracteyeview

    Don't know how big of a Radiohead fan you are but have you heard the Pyramid Song EP from Radiohead? It has a song on it called "The Amazing Sounds of Orgy." Mindblowing. Why this song was never released on a full length album is beyond me.

    19. Jun. 2010 Antworten

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I yell at the tv during hockey games, drink, light things on fire, and save puppies in my spare time. I like to watch reality television, only in order to make me feel like my own life is less scandalous.
My interests include but are not limited to: hockey, music, prostitution, goats, snowcones, unicycles, beer, pirates, pudding, pen caps, yelling "why" in Nancy Kerrigan style, lighting beer boxes on fire in random people's yards, ballroom dancing to gangster rap, rollin with my homies, blackberry addictions, and last but not least, I am interested in helping those "world peace" hippies discover their violent sides and turning the innocent into raging alcoholics.

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