2. Apr. 2007, 23:17

I kicked off my shoes, leaned back and had an idea for a distinguished journal entry. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere—but most likely from behind my back—oblivion descended upon me.

As I will embark on a trans-federal journey tomorrow I’m afraid I have to save all my willpower and energy to battle with the German train system. Dear, I have fond memories. Thus, I cannot create a journal entry as original as usual, with sparkling use of bon-mots, enabling the pitiful English language to acquire a new dynamic range, a higher fidelity—to reach new highs and,—I give you that—lows.

Instead, I will tell the world that just a couple of hours ago, I had the first Bratwurst in about five months. And I will eat more. In fact, I think will eat them all. And on the way to obesity, I hope to take some pictures of Julian and some proper Wurst.

Another thing I would like to mention is my theory on the origin of the name of Supermassive Black Hole. First of all, of course I would have liked to construct the previous sentence in a more elegant and elaborate manner, yet the giant computer brain behind prevents us users from entering albums in the nicest form there is, the highest height of writing, the Mont Blanc (Sorry, but I like Europe. I believe in Europe. And the ideas it stands for. I believe in the Greek idea of democracy. I support (passively) the Swiss idea of punctuality (though I wholeheartedly disagree with their music taste, especially DJ Bobo). I believe in the British idea of playing football without hands. I totally subscribe to the German idea of sausages. And I’m absolutely in awe of the French idea of how to pronounce the words of the English language. (Or German. Or just about any language, for that matter.)), from doing to writing what ballet is to dancing; from writing album names like this: ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ by Muse. Anyway, I digress.

Back to my theory. After having watched ‘Mystery of the Milky Way’ in HD on a big, fat, enormous, obscenely large TV that made me want to chain myself to the sofa in front of it, I came up with a theory as to why they named their album as they did. In the documentary, the word ‘supermassive black whole’ was tossed around a lot. So I’d almost bet—not knowing Muse at all or having heard any of their music—that they watched the documentary as well.

On the other hand there is another possibility. Even though Jonty wasn’t very convinced I still think that their album title may just a drastic reference to this image.


  • fritzon

    I got goatse'd..! Oh, god. Why?! I wish I would pay attention to links BEFORE I click on them.

    6. Apr. 2007, 10:15
  • closedmouth

    ^ Ouch

    8. Apr. 2007, 7:07
  • bradley_python

    Is that [Jonty] on the picture? When are you coming back to the office Würstkid?

    9. Apr. 2007, 18:04
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