EditorsMunich Lieblingslied 66
She Wants RevengeThese Things Lieblingslied 64
The ClienteleSince K Got Over Me Lieblingslied 62
EditorsBullets Lieblingslied 55
She Wants RevengeBroken Promises For Broken Hearts Lieblingslied 51
EditorsFingers In The Factories Lieblingslied 50
EditorsAll Sparks Lieblingslied 46
Depeche ModePrecious Lieblingslied 46
Arctic MonkeysThe View from the Afternoon Lieblingslied 45
EditorsCamera Lieblingslied 44
Echo & the BunnymenParthenon Drive Lieblingslied 44
OasisLord Don't Slow Me Down Lieblingslied 44
Arctic MonkeysFake Tales of San Francisco Lieblingslied 43
EditorsFall Lieblingslied 42
22-20sShoot Your Gun Lieblingslied 41
EditorsSomeone Says Lieblingslied 41
Arctic MonkeysA Certain Romance Lieblingslied 40
She Wants RevengeOut Of Control Lieblingslied 40
Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubAin't No Easy Way Lieblingslied 40
Arctic MonkeysStill Take You Home Lieblingslied 39
Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubHowl Lieblingslied 39
The DiablerosPush It To Monday Lieblingslied 39
The DiablerosWorking Out Words Lieblingslied 39
Arctic MonkeysFrom the Ritz to the Rubble Lieblingslied 38
InterpolThe Heinrich Maneuver Lieblingslied 38
The KinksWaterloo Sunset Lieblingslied 37
Arctic MonkeysI Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor Lieblingslied 37
EditorsOpen Your Arms Lieblingslied 37
EditorsDistance Lieblingslied 37
She Wants RevengeRed Flags And Long Nights Lieblingslied 37
The DiablerosOlympic Island Lieblingslied 37
The Hoa Hoa'sYellow Jacket Lieblingslied 37
Arctic MonkeysMardy Bum Lieblingslied 36
Paul WellerFrom the Floorboards Up Lieblingslied 36
She Wants RevengeTear You Apart Lieblingslied 36
She Wants RevengeUs Lieblingslied 36
Arctic MonkeysRed Light Indicates Doors Are Secured Lieblingslied 36
NassauPounding In The Cave Lieblingslied 36
SpiritualizedBroken Heart Lieblingslied 35
GoldrushWait For The Wheels Lieblingslied 35
The Morning After GirlsRun for Our Lives Lieblingslied 35
Arctic MonkeysRiot Van Lieblingslied 35
The DiablerosTropical Pets Lieblingslied 35
Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubShuffle Your Feet Lieblingslied 35
Arctic MonkeysWhen the Sun Goes Down Lieblingslied 35
She Wants RevengeSomeone Must Get Hurt Lieblingslied 35
She Wants RevengeShe Loves Me, She Loves Me Not Lieblingslied 35
The Hoa Hoa'sLanding On the Moon Lieblingslied 35
The Hoa Hoa'sGoing Down Lieblingslied 35
UncutKiss Me Lieblingslied 35