Please cooperate with the “Send Juaniquillo to New York so he could see Kamelot,…


28. Jun. 2006, 19:34

Here’s the info on the concert:
It's actually a Kamelot concert, but Epica and Operatika are opening for them. I REALLY, REALLY WANT TO GO…! The problem is... I’m so broke I don’t even have money for the ticket, and that’s really sad cause it’s just 27 dollars. Well, I also need money for plane tickets, food and some other expenses … but the good part is, I do have friends in New York and I could squeeze in with them for the time I’ll be there. So, if you think of a good plan to make money fast (something legal pls. I don’t think my parole officer would allow me to have another strike… just kidding ;D) please let me know.
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  • juaniquillo

    thanks... very supporting of you H1tman... [img][/img]

    28. Jun. 2006, 20:37
  • juaniquillo

    a loan wouldn't hurt... [img][/img]

    28. Jun. 2006, 20:50
  • juaniquillo

    I know dude.. I'm just kidding. I already talked to a friend last night and told me he wants to go too. I also might get a small loan from him if I'm not able to get all the money. Let's see how that develops...

    29. Jun. 2006, 13:35
  • juaniquillo

    you say that cuz you've alredy seen epica? I've done worse to see the bands I like, belive me...

    29. Jun. 2006, 16:21
  • juaniquillo

    Well, I went to Woodstock '99 and it was awesome, but ended up half dead... I'm too old for a three day festival now, hehehe. Besides, those are more expensive. I couldn't afford to go to, let's say, the ozzfest anytime soon..

    29. Jun. 2006, 17:26
  • Pirula

    puedes pedir limosnas? algunas personas te darian algo o pideles a tus amigos aunquesea 5 dolares por persona

    29. Jun. 2006, 18:03
  • juaniquillo

    en eso estoy... puede con sonsiga un prestamo si no consigo el dinero, aunque no me gusta mucho pedir.

    29. Jun. 2006, 18:12
  • Pirula

    pero las bandas q vas a ver son tus favoritaS?

    29. Jun. 2006, 18:16
  • juaniquillo

    no son de mis favoritas, pero me gustan y no creo que tenga otra oportunidad de verlas en vivo.

    29. Jun. 2006, 19:29
  • Pirula

    mmmmm... tienes razon ojala consigas el dinero:D

    29. Jun. 2006, 21:26
  • juaniquillo

    well, I saw your 'bands I've seen live' list grow since the GMM is going on... Which one have you liked the most?

    30. Jun. 2006, 15:15
  • juaniquillo

    Metallica and Dream Theater are my favorite shows so far. Although I still have so many band to see...

    3. Jul. 2006, 13:39
  • juaniquillo

    hehehe... well, you probably don't like progressive. I've being listening to them for 10 years now, so when I finally saw them I was very into their music. About Metallica, I saw them in '99, and even thought they had a couple of crappy albums on their belt they played awesome. Nothing but old songs.

    5. Jul. 2006, 16:47
  • juaniquillo

    That's an awesome album, yeah. After you d/l DT from HT let me know and I'll pass the Petrucci solo album on to U.

    17. Jul. 2006, 20:10
  • juaniquillo

    hehehe.. glad you like it. it's a great song man. that guy kicks ass with that guitar...

    1. Aug. 2006, 13:55
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