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30. Sep. 2011, 15:16

Jeu 29 sept. – Zola Jesus
Well well, to short (55 mn of concert), very interesting voice, but I think (only my opinion) to near of the working of Siouxsie/Kate Bush and Frazer (I saw the Banshees, Kate and Cocteau there's I think that may be she must creat and find it's own way, because she had a talent.


  • _Helter_Skelter

    I agree about ZOLA JESUS being close to Siouxsie and Kate Bush (I found it funny there was a special mix of "Running up that hill" before the show) and I think it´s good if Zola Jesus find a way to be VERY creative and make records which sound different and they have the guts to be more experimental...The singer is fantastic with her voice, her obviously big talent and the way she looks...

    30. Sep. 2011, 21:42
  • jsc68

    Yes it was very funny to listen this title of Kate Bush... it was great :) I think that she had a lot of talent, she's young and we make wait some years to know what way she want to go. I think that we must follow with attention. Then wait and see... I appreciate a lot your comment.

    2. Okt. 2011, 16:33
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