Ringo is now (mostly) on iTunes


28. Aug. 2007, 21:20

Unexpectedly, most of Ringo Starr's solo catalog showed up on iTunes (US) today, even bumping John & Paul's banners on the main page. There are some missing albums, especially from the late 70s & early 80s (Ringo's Rotogravure, Ringo the 4th, and Stop and Smell the Roses, and several more more), but the good ones are there: Ringo, Goodnight Vienna, Beaucoups of Blues, and Sentimental Journey. Perhaps the best way to experience Ringo is by cherry-picking single tracks, especially Photograph, It Don't Come Easy, Goodnight Vienna, I'm the Greatest, Early 1970, No No Song, Love Don't Last Long, Sentimental Journey, and Six O'Clock.