10-10-10 | My Awkward but Lucky Canadian Thanksgiving


11. Okt. 2010, 7:23


Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Canucks!

This is how my day went down:

Weird, I was driving home this afternoon from Church, I went for a right turn and I smoked some street bum on his bike. Everyone was staring. I'm like shit, I killed him cos all I see is his hand on the window sliding all the way down like that titanic sex scene.

Luckily he didn't get crushed but his front tire was literally bent in half. I'm like are you ok? etc. Lemme call the cops so they can assess the situation. He's like call the Police? what for? I'm like, emmmok, I just destroyed your transportation and you were inches from getting crushed by my V6 Jeep etc. And funny, the guy starts fleeing the scene like nothing happened... I'm like WTF!!? You have a nice thanksgiving too!

My Verdict :

- He probably has a criminal record or he thinks it's his fault and he can't afford to pay for the damage...

10.10.10 = Lucky? Y'bet your ass I am!


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