• Holidays/Eastenders

    26. Mai. 2011, 19:57

    i'm going on holiday early saturday morning and don't have any way of scrobblin' which disappoints me. however i will be on holiday so i'm sure that sooner or later i'll pull through. in other news, jim looked like he left eastenders tonight; it was ACTUALLY sad. what is happening to me?
  • Caturday Night Live

    23. Mai. 2011, 9:22

    if you want to hear a range of music that's pretty much bang on my profile, with a little more metal and a little more pop thrown in for good measure, then i can only suggest that you listen to Caturday Night Live on which is nothing to do with the fact that i present that show. Promise. To find it just click on 'Programme Guide' on the left and then find Saturday and Caturday Night Live. You can also listen to last weeks' show if you want. i'll be using this site to pretty much market the life out of my show. sorted.

  • well then,

    23. Mai. 2011, 7:43

    i've only just realised that is a fully-fledged network of music lovers. this is good. prepare to see some spamming from my part. anyway, my favourite band at the minute are Feeder despite what my chart says, and hopefully i'll get another chance to see them this year. GOTTA GO HOMEBOYS.