The Live DVD/CD Album Zafaja Was Released In 2012 A R&B/Jazz band From Kansas, Artist Writer & Lead Vocalist & Bassist "Joseph Alan Fears"(BMI) The Songs Is A True Story
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Titel Dauer
1 ZafajaSomething's Wrong(live) Loved track 9:44
2 Joseph Alan FearsLove Of Mine Loved track 5:24
3 Joseph Alan FearsALL To You Loved track 6:57
4 Joseph Alan FearsPicture Of Love(Swingjazz Remix) Loved track 3:13
5 Joseph Alan Fears(BMI)I Want TO SING FOR YOU Loved track 3:00
6 Joseph Alan FearsI Should Have Known Loved track 4:16
7 Joseph Alan FearsI Should Have Known(studiomix) Loved track 4:34
8 Joseph Alan FearsIn The Mist(instrumental) Loved track 6:42
9 Joseph Alan FearsJazzy Little Picture Of Love(instrumental) Loved track 3:24
10 ZafajaSomething's Wrong(Live version) Loved track 3:03
11 Joseph Alan FearsYou can Count On Him(Instrumental version) Loved track 4:33
12 Joseph Alan FearsJBs Groove(Instrumental) Loved track 4:13
13 Joseph Alan FearsIf You Were My Lady kostenloser Download Loved track 6:54
14 Joseph Alan FearsBasiclly Speakin Loved track 6:08
15 Joseph Alan FearsThe Break Up (instrumental) Loved track 3:54
16 Joseph Alan FearsA Rose For My Love kostenloser Download Loved track 5:19
17 Joseph Alan FearsAll For Love Loved track 4:46
18 Joseph Alan FearsAll For Love(Instrumental Version) Loved track 4:46
19 ZafajaJoseph Alan Fears & Zafaja band members Rapp To Jiggyjagtv Backstage Loved track 9:43
20 Joseph Alan FearsMixed relations(instrumental) Loved track 2:52
21 Joseph Alan FearsA Rose For My Love(remix) Loved track 5:22
22 Joseph Alan FearsStay(instrumental Version) Loved track 1:50
23 ZafajaJoseph Alan Fears & Zafaja band Are Interviewed By Jiggyjagtv Backstage Loved track 9:43
24 Joseph Alan FearsTell Me What To Do Loved track 2:40
25 Joseph Alan FearsStella Loved track 3:12
26 The Zafaja Band Live In ConcertSlippin Into Darkness - Slippin Into Darkness kostenloser Download Loved track 7:23
27 The Zafaja Band Live In ConcertFly Like An Eagle - Fly Like An Eagle kostenloser Download Loved track 4:03
28 The Zafaja Band Live In ConcertI Told You So - I Told You So kostenloser Download Loved track 6:30
29 Joseph Alan FearsTip Toe Down Mainstreet Loved track 2:01
30 joseph alan fears & zafaja bandpaint a jazzy little picture of love Loved track 4:19
31 The Zafaja Band Live In ConcertStormy Monday If You Want Me To Stay - Stormy Monday If You Want Me To Stay kostenloser Download Loved track 14:34
32 Joseph Alan Fears(BMI)Tally Ho kostenloser Download Loved track 5:03
33 Mary Juane ClairBody And Soul Loved track 4:37
34 Seed Is . . .P.O.P. Loved track 3:51
35 Dennis RowlandWild Women (Don't Have The Blues) Loved track 3:33
36 Mike Longo900 Shares of the Blues Loved track 5:02
37 Double Are SeeThat One kostenloser Download Loved track 5:00
38 jd greenMake It New (Equinoxes) Loved track 6:42
39 Joseph Alan Fears(BMI)Do You Still Remember Loved track 4:27
40 LaidbookYou Are Music Loved track 5:26
41 Joseph Alan FearsRaindrops Faliing kostenloser Download Loved track 4:17
42 J.A. Fears(BMI)Hollowgraphic Lover kostenloser Download Loved track 5:05
43 The Zafaja Band Live In ConcertI Shot The Sherrif - I Shot The Sherrif kostenloser Download Loved track 3:11
44 Joseph Alan FearsWhy Must I Go Through It Loved track 3:47
45 joseph alan fears & zafaja banddont step on my blues Loved track 4:21
46 Joseph Alan Fears(BMI)Think About Me Loved track 6:20
47 Joseph Alan Fears(BMI)Life In The City Loved track 4:13
48 joseph alan fears & zafaja bandas a matter of fact Loved track 4:36
49 Joseph Alan Fears(BMI)Lookin Out For Number One Loved track 4:45
50 Joseph Alan Fears(BMI)Picture Of Love(inst) Loved track 3:24
51 Joseph Alan FearsLet It Ride kostenloser Download Loved track 3:59
52 joseph alan fears & zafaja bandjump into my blues Loved track 3:56
53 Joseph Alan FearsPicture Of Love kostenloser Download Loved track 4:20
54 Joseph Alan FearsThat Love Loved track 5:08
55 Joseph Alan Fears(BMI)The Bigtimes Loved track 2:14
56 J.A. Fears(BMI)The Wonderus Journey Loved track 0:59
57 Mauri SanchisCookin' Loved track 5:12
58 joseph alan fears & zafaja bandlook at you now Loved track 3:20
59 Joseph Alan FearsWho Knows You Better Than Me Loved track 6:14
60 The Zafaja Band( Live At The Club)Stella Loved track 3:28


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