What I'm Listening To - March/April


14. Apr. 2009, 19:49

Hi all

Pickings have been a little slim since I wrote in terms of new albums - but when it comes to (re)discovering stuff - it's been fabulous!

The third season of Skins has been on since I last wrote one of these journals and it hasn't disappointed - especially when it comes to the music which showcased some absolutely fantastic stuff. For a review of my favourite music from the season - go here.

Here are a few of the best albums that have been playing recently:

The Author by Karima Francis who is a singer/songwriter who has been tipped as one of the "big things" for 2009 and her debut album doesn't disappoint. She's a great vocalist backed up with some catchy tunes and poignant words. Check out The Author or my favourite; Oh Laura.

A New Tide is the fantastic new album by the wonderful rockers Gomez. It's fairly similar to some of their older stuff, but that's not a bad thing! My favourites from this new album are Airstream Driver and Little Pieces. If you like what you hear, a tip for a fab song from another of their albums is the inspiring See the World - I love the instrumentals on this one!

I don't think it's particuarly new but enjoying Twentythree who is an American singer/songwriter. It's just good fun to listen to and enjoy - and isn't that why we listen to music anyway? The first track is my favourite - the warm Love Love Love.

And some tracks:

Why is that medical shows seem to have the best music? They must have some secret - in any event the latest season of House, MD has had some excellent music - one of my favourites from this season is Fire by Daniel Lanois which played during a heartbreaking scene (which I won't spoil!)

Staying on TV shows - the Inbetweeners is back and between the sexual innendos and the gang generally making fools of themselves is some fantastic music! Man In The Machine by Royworld is one from the previous season but absolutely gorgeous foot-tapping greatness! Also try Dust which another good single by them from last year.

I didn't like the whole of Red Light Company's album Fine Fascination but I liked the track Arts & Crafts which is actually pretty fabulous! The album cover is a bit risque, I hardly ever go into music stores so don't know how they are dealing with it - but Amazon and iTunes are showing it in it's full <uncensored> glory.

I'm secretly a bit of a country music lover and Keith Urban is fairly reliable. His new song Sweet Thing has been playing quite a lot for me - I discovered it from the Tap Tap game for the iPhone and the iPod touch which had the track available to download. I was no good at it but I liked the song!

On the weird side - when j-pop meets bling you have Millionaires and the incredibly... unique Alcohol. But it's absolutely great fun! "Who needs Pepsi, juice or Sprite... I down my shots and gulp my beer till every drop disappears". Must be a parent's nightmare!

And finally some older stuff I'm listening to again:

Some of Ryan Adams's stuff is a bit too depressing for me. But the album Gold is an exception as it's just really, really good! I love New York, New York (who doesn't!), Firecracker (that harmonica is just fab!), Gonna Make You Love Me and The Rescue Blues.

Vertical Horizon - a 90s boyband, is a bit of a dirty secret for me because I think their music is fabulous pop joy! Especially You're a God which is just has to the second most wonderful song ever to describe being totally infatuated with a girl (the first being Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police). Always cheers me up :-)

I've always loved Genesis. They seem to have a fantastic energy and vibrancy, and were never afraid of pushing the boundaries. Invisible Touch has been playing lots for me recently as well as Jesus He Knows Me - if you haven't seen the video for this, you MUST!

There's lots of new stuff coming out soon that I like the look of, some of it's out already but I haven't had time to listen to it much - so hopefully will write about all of that soon!

Take care!


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