Hatebreed at the Astoria 22/11/06


24. Nov. 2006, 0:49

Another day, another, er, gig. Hatebreed at the Astoria, to be exact.

EDIT: Journal 2.0, video time (yes I know the sound sucks, sorry):

Support was provided by Unearth who were actually kind of good for a support act - having never heard them before, I'm inspired to listen further. The lead singer looks like he is made out of muscle, testosterone and iron rivets. They aren't exactly subtle but sometimes you just really want to be smacked around the head by a large man screaming obscenities. Also, one of the guitarists was a hilarious little hobbit who didn't stop running from one side of the stage to the other. In all: quality entertainment, would watch again. The drummer even jumped off a speaker stack in order to hit a particularly heavy beat at one point - you don't see that every day.

In fact, Unearth's lead singer was so OTT and METAAAAL! of the old-school long hair pit director variety (as in "I WANT TO SEE A CIRCLE PIT RIGHT NOW, MOTHERFUCKERS!") that Jamey and Hatebreed seemed almost ... low-key by comparison. With their baseball caps and long shorts they brought back bad, bad memories of 2001-era Limp Bizkit but thankfully we were spared any LB-style 'music'. No, Hatebreed were indeed straight to your face, and did in fact inspire everyone to tear it down. Ahem. Sorry.

Once again my memory of the playlist is beyond bad, but it included pretty much everything one might have expected - Live For This, Doomsayer, Not One Truth, A Lesson Lived Is A Lesson Learned, Defeatist, Destroy Everything, Never Let It Die, Betrayed By Life, Before Dishonor, Perseverance and so on - they managed to fit in a lot of songs into their set, perhaps unsurprisingly given their average song lasts about two minutes. Technically they were very together and tight, which you'd expect after 11 years of concerts but which is always nice to have confirmed.

There was even a wall of death - or an attempt at one, anyway, the more boneheaded among the audience not quite getting the concept and even Jamey's drill-sergeant bark not managing to drive the idea into their thick skulls - "no, guys, you have to WAIT until I TELL YOU when to go!". I was ill AND had forgotten my contacts so had two excellent reasons not to go into the pit (although I still feel like a bit of a pussy) but thanks to the cosiness of the Astoria still had an excellent view.

The audience was a mix between young hardcore kids and seriously scary skinheads who would not have looked out of place at a Nuremburg rally. In fact, when the crowd was air-punching along to the very heavy beat, it kind of felt like a Nuremburg rally. Hmm.

Fact #1: Hardcore dancing SUCKS. You do not look cool with your arms and legs windmilling like a kamikaze daddy-long-legs. You look like a prize twat.

Fact #2: If you are a scenester girl with bad hair, please either get in the moshpit or stay the hell out of it - don't try and slam into me (and get your disgusting bouffant in my mouth) when the boundaries of the pit are clearly delineated.

Fact #3: Pit drama is always hilarious.

Fact #4: A shout-out to Dimebag (RIP :cry:) is the new black.

Sam went for it in the pit and said some enormous fat bloke fainted and had to be carried off! Wish I'd seen that.

I took some pictures, some of which came out OK, and I will post them when I can be arsed. :)

Final thought: There was a group of fairly ugly and skanky women behind the stage along with the roadies, to the right. Were they really groupies? Because, if so, ewwwww!

Edit: OK, OK, here are a few photos:

Unearth - straight up and meaty

It is very hard to take unsucky pictures at a gig while an enormous slampit is roiling like Satan's bathwater just in front of you


  • Stoo

    When i saw Opeth in Birmingham, there was one of these pit-ninjas doing his bizarre kind of spastic kung-fu flailing during the heavy bit in Deliverance. Everyone around him just stood there for a moment laughing at him and trying to determine whether he was having a seizure of some kind, fighting off a swarm of invisible angry bees, or actually intending to move that way voluntarily. After a few seconds, he kind of got the message and stopped. Seriously though, who the hell hardcore-dances to [i]Opeth[/i] of all bands?! It was sadly depressing to realise that no band is now seemingly safe from these morons. Ace photos though. I've never been much of a Hatebreed fan, but it sounded like a decent concert

    24. Nov. 2006, 18:36
  • jonanamary

    @stooge06: I laughed so hard at the speaker-jump; it was just so OTT, but so perfect! @Stoo: It was very fun, and as I felt like a bit of an observer (due to illness/sobriety/concern for my facegear) I was able to sit back and laugh at the little scenester kids and their attempts to be --==++H4RDC0R3++==-- rather than being someone in the pit getting smacked in the head a lot! FAKE EDIT: Journal 2.0, now with added video.

    26. Nov. 2006, 12:17
  • will33

    sick pictures. just dicovered hatbreed and they're quite good. fat bloke sounds like a laugh and they're is no point in windmilling. you do look like a nob!

    4. Dez. 2006, 17:44
  • jonanamary

    @stooge06: I've just ordered an Unearth album, can't wait to see how they sound in a studio :) @will33: Cheers! Hatebreed are indeed good, if slightly tiring after a while, although I don't really mind that all the songs sound the same (the most common criticism from non-HB fans) - well, maybe, but at least they're consistent). And, once again, death to all windmillers. Just cut it out, lads.

    6. Dez. 2006, 14:03
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