Hospitals have miles of shiny tile floors - Different strokes for different folks


11. Dez. 2011, 12:47

ahhhh... what I could do with a fresh pair of socks on this floor.....

I think they were ready for me to leave...

What? Cream of Wheat again???????

GREETINGS from a big dang hospital in Arlington:


Not exactly an Easy Rider outing with the boys... but when I had a stroke recently I was so elated just to be alive and kicking that I went for a little walk down the hall and enjoyed it- so I just kept on walking. I got out of range for the portable heart monitor and the nurses got (a little bit ) worried. What's the big deal? You'd think they had never seen a flatline before....

WELLLLL --- so I kinda walked all over the place- I now know where the cafeteria, laundry, temporary morgue, operating suite, and the emergency room is (I don't remember that entrance)... hmmm

....and the chapel, volunteer room, main entrance. Ok- maybe all of the first floor. Long halls are neat- don't have that much smooth floor around my neighborhood.

Alright already-- so me and Forest Gump took a road trip!!...whatever....

Anyway... they sent my poor nurse out looking for me when I stayed a bit longer than usual- and out of range.

I have now been scolded and told to stay in SIGHT. (ha!-- no way))

I always had a problem with conformity. ALWAYS been out of the box...

Anyhoo- I'm back. Phbllltttt!

It's gonna be a LOOONG day.......

Got Juicy Fruit?


  • usern90

    Once more with feeling... Behave yourself!!! Walking is good but let's help those who are trying to help you! Cooperate will ya?!

    11. Dez. 2011, 13:50
  • lilywildchild

    Stop misbehaving & do as you're told!! Poor nurses..reckon they'll be glad to see the back of you.. giving them the run around! Hehee! Seriously, it's good to hear that you're up & about... but take it easy, small steps ok..OK?! Ps. 'out of the box'.. best place to be :)

    11. Dez. 2011, 13:53
  • usern90

    Rebel! :-D Just reel it in a little okay?

    11. Dez. 2011, 13:54
  • SillyWabbits

    Always getting into trouble huh John? :D

    11. Dez. 2011, 14:25
  • johnTMcNeill

    I was just "shuffalin'"....

    11. Dez. 2011, 15:00
  • johnTMcNeill

    bed bath, and BEYOND!

    11. Dez. 2011, 15:32
  • johnTMcNeill

    11. Dez. 2011, 15:41
  • Mudduck

    Hmmm so still in shock then? Remember what they say about ye don't know what ye have till it's gone? So be careful else it will be a matron on ye butt and them folks have no sense of humour. I sure theres many floors to explore yet. Good to know ye on the mend my friend. :)

    11. Dez. 2011, 16:12
  • CrybKeeper

    Heck man, What happened?! I've been away too long! Don't let 'em slow ya down bud. I would do it just like you - us ornery ones live longer ;-)

    11. Dez. 2011, 19:15
  • MountainBear58

    Sounds like a big hospital, don't get lost. Watch out they may put a shock collar on ya!

    12. Dez. 2011, 16:20
  • johnTMcNeill

    12-13-11 They gave up and turned me loose- but on "parole". I have to check back with a bunch of doctors in a few weeks for a pee test and --- to give blood? Heck- it was just a little walk.... I'm pretty much good to go and Forest is waiting for me, so.... c ya! And thanks for helping me to laugh through all of this! Life darn sure IS a box of chocolates! Still haven't figured out what the heck was in that one, but I'm just glad to be back among the splendiferous.... LIFE IS GOOD!

    15. Dez. 2011, 8:37
  • headbot

    that's great John - watch out - or other have to watch out because you sound like a big trouble for those that care about you ha :) you Forest runner :)

    16. Dez. 2011, 16:42
  • johnTMcNeill

    Big Chief would never tell....and Bubba ain't talking either. I think I got my movies mixed up...:)

    31. Dez. 2011, 6:55
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