• the Wailers and the Wailers

    16. Dez. 2007, 7:50

    Everybody knows the wailers of Bob Marley,but another band called The Wailers, we often call the Fabulous Wailers (thereby avoiding confusion with the reggae group The Wailers) is a rock band from Seattle, years 50 and 60, a pioneer of rock n ' rock and roll garage like the Sonics.they're first to covered Louie Louie before the kingsmen.
    Their albums Livewire!!! and Boys from Tacoma are very greats
    You know the Upsetters of Lee "scratch"Perry, but do you know the Upsetters of Little Richard ? They played during the '50s and early '60s.they made a Rock'n'roll of quality with 3 tenor sax,1 baritone sax, a piano,guitar , bass and drums.Sometimes little richard let the mic to other singers like Lee Diamond, Lester Robinson, Leonardo Carbo, Larry Birdsong...
    I know only one self-titled album but is a very good album.the Upsetters by the Upsetters
  • golden dawn not only metal group

    11. Mai. 2007, 11:02

    golden dawn was an american band from austin in 1967.the name stem from a Aleyster Crowley's book"the sect of the golden dawn".george kinney(old friend of Rocky Erickson), tom ramsey, bill hallmark ,jimmy birdand bobby rector formed the groupe .Golden dawn made only one album"power plant"they split after disagree with international artist.golden dawn power of plant13th floor elevators.the cover with mushrooms and cannabis leafs and back with call to meditation can let you imagine the kind of music played by the golden dawn.The first golden dawn not the groupe metal who play only with power chord..if you don't like psychedelic music don't listen this record.