nose huggies review - It causes cancer

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6. Apr. 2012, 18:00

I'm exceedingly interested in relation to the dissimilarity between Nose Magic and Nose Huggie. They are nose reshapers that ascertain they surely will make your nose slenderer and pointier. Looking at the photos nose Huggie and nose magic appear similar but just because I am very interested, I purchased nose Huggie and nose magic. I initially bought Nose Huggie and it was delivered forty five days, such a lengthy time. I purchased Nose Magic same day I ordered Nose Huggie and it came home 8 days. It was delivered sooner. I am from Singapore conceivably that is the rationale of the advance shipping given that Nose Magic is a product of Japan.

I need to wait for almost 1 month so that I could judge against the two and that was the toughest part. Around thirty days, Nose Huggie came home. At the time I situate both merchandise on the table I immediately can tell which is the original and which is the imitation. Nose Huggie contain loads of jagged edges on the plastic and it is asymmetrical. In addition, as soon as I push the lever of the device it makes a loud sound. The rubber is also yellowish and not even. Plastic is thinner and the structure is a lot lighter. I also noticed that as soon as I put the device on my nose, my head and total face hurts. I assume the force is extremely heavy.

When I inspected Nose Magic, it is smoother. No sharp sides. The silicone is soft plus it does not make loud sounds when you press the medical apparatus. It is also heavier and it appears made of higher quality than Nose Huggie. So Nose Magic is telling the truth when they declared that they are the real producer and Nose Huggie is plainly a Chinese fake of their Japanese made medical apparatus. What is also noticeable is that Nose Magic produces a comfortable force. Once you wear Nose Magic in your nose, your head doesnt hurt. I also noticed that excessive pressure surely will break the cartilage making it bigger rather than smaller.

I did not go to the trouble of using Nose Huggie because I was terrified that it can deform my cartilage. It is visibly a duplicate. I tested Nose Magic and currently I am on my 3rd week of using it and I have experienced extremely pleasant changes. My nose is less broad at this point and kinda pointy. The change is really noticeable and I am still at my 3rd week. The webpage states that in 2 months, it can make the alteration permanent so I am very excited. I actually ordered an additional 1 for my sister since she is using my Nose Magic and her face is greasy.

I highly advocate Nose Magic intended for those who desire improvements with their nose. Just please be alert on getting the beauty device. Only obtain nose magic from their website. Never buy the fake version products like Nose Huggie, it surely will deform your nose. I am certainly looking forward on making an additional evaluation in just 2 months so stick around. I recommend you acquire the medical device at once for the reason that they got 30 day money back guarantee. For you to see for yourself. , ,


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