Effing Unreal


30. Sep. 2009, 15:39

Fri 25 Sep – Sunny Day Real Estate

God, I have waited so long for a show like this. I basically became a huge SDRE fan in the last waning days before the band broke up (for the second time) following the Rising Tide. I promised myself, no matter what, if they ever reunited, I would sell my left nut to go see 'em play. Turns out, all I had to do was shell out 30 bucks and I was treated to an event I have daydreamed about and anticipated for nearly a decade.

Words cannot really justify the experience. They got up on stage, they played fantastically, they looked like they were having the greatest time, ever, while doing it. And Will Goldsmith's shirt came off only 2 songs into the set. Awesome.

Setlist (as I recall):

1. Seven
2. Friday
3. Shadows
4. Song About an Angel
5. Guitar and Video Games
6. Grendel
7. New Song
8. Iscarabaid
9. Theo B
10. J'nuh
11. 8
12. 47
13. Sometimes


14. In Circles
15. 48


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