2. Apr. 2008, 6:33

Since I first saw some visual works of Mike Young, I fell in love with the soundtracks he chose for his art. At some point back in 2001/2002 he collaborated with the lesser known NPFC/NineteenPointFiveCollective/19.5, a group of 5-6 mixers/DJs/producers doing some tight electro.
Their sound may be called something in between retro , and bit-like ..
I'm not sure whether they're still doing something, or they broke up.. The official site says, that there's a new album to come. But since the page wasn't updated in ages, i dare to doubt.

There's a few remixes of Yuppster, who did some extraordinary 8-Bit tunes back in the early 00s, long before the hype began...

If there is any information out on about a new album to come, or if they still exist - feel free to contact me.


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