• Moving Mountain

    2. Feb. 2010, 13:43

    Sometimes, walking on the internet with no meaning, I find rare and beautiful things. Just like this band Moving Mountains.
    I have no words to say how I am unconditionally in love with their music. they gather everything that I like in music, it's just like if you blend The Appleseed Cast with the screaming of Sunny Day Real Estate.

    I hate to do comparisons, because they are more than that, I mean, sure I love Low Level Owl, Volume 1 and 2, but Pneuma has it own felling.

    Love goes to:
    8105 and Grow On, Grow Up, Grow Out
    Sure I love all this album, but these hit me right on the spot ;)

    Their latest ep Foreword it's awesome too.
    I want some day before I die listen to Foreword live.

    They are in the studio writing their new album, I hope this year I rise the money to see them playing alive next year. well Brazil - USA flight is expensive.
  • Update

    27. Jan. 2010, 18:43

    Ok my life revolves and again I see myself at rock again and this time a new discory, , I have listened to it for a long time, but never knew the name of this gender.
  • Back to Rock

    6. Feb. 2008, 17:52

    After some time addicted to electronic music I'm finally back to rock. 2 years? jesus...
    Nowadays I'm listening to my old favorites, I listen to their music since I was like 15 years old (now I'm 24 btw) that's Radiohead and their new album is just great In Rainbows.

    I'm a indie rock fan to the roots so I'm rather impressed with some new artists, The Killers, they are great, it's my recent discover, they sometimes sound like Queen but have an original sound.

    Another one is Snow Patrol, yeah that's right, I love melancholic guitar arpeggios and repetitive lines, pure love.

    Finally I need to mention Richie Kotzen, not indie but pure rock, I went to his show... I wonder how can a guy can rock so much, he's a great guitarist and vocalist.

    well, that's it, my 2cents to the internet ;)

    oh yeah I forgot, I'm kinda classical too, I rediscovered classical music, Sergei Rachmaninoff rlz, Concerto for piano number 2
  • Trance Addicted

    2. Sep. 2006, 20:25

    Ok, I'm addicted to , I can dance listening to a basic kick drum, I'm so addicted that I bought already a MIDI controller, because I want to produce Trance (Not Only... but mainly....).
    Since I'm from Brazil I'm listening to some too, well it's a common gender here nowadays.
  • Digging some music

    2. Sep. 2005, 0:08

    I’m a fan really, especially the indie pop rock station, I have the habit of taking notes about wich songs I’m listening, sometimes I just fall in love with a song and dig everything I can about the artist.

    The Song 5/4 from Sunny Day Real Estate is one of these cases, after listening to it I just fell in love, the guy singing it had a weird but appealing voice (a la EMO ?) but is it really indie, so I just started digging.
    I found some nice facts, that they were already gone and their drummer is the currently Foo Fighters drummer. I founf all of their albums and lives I could, and I recommend the following songs, Every Shining Time You Arrive and Days Were Golden from How It Feels To Be Something, I just can’t stop listening to both of them, sure their other albums are great and I love them.
    Now I’m listening to The Fire Theft, I think it’s a new band with former Sunny Day Real Estate members, I really don’t know. Hail to Rubber Bands.
  • The used just kick ass

    30. Aug. 2005, 1:08

    The Used Just kicks ass, Damn great
  • Rufio, My big Surprise

    14. Aug. 2005, 23:13

    My friend just introduced me to a great band, I'm not really a big Punk/Emo hardcore fan, but this band is worthy, Rufio, Let's say its a really heavy Emo? damn, The track Above Me from Perhaps I Suppose is really great, another one is Still from the same album, I'm still listening to the other albuns, But I'm relly liking it.
  • The Sea and Cake - Great Indie

    10. Aug. 2005, 2:24

    Just discovered a band called The Sea and Cake, I'm tring to get more albums