Summer Music


3. Aug. 2008, 1:30

No, I'm not talking about the release by the Willem Breuker Kollektief - although this would make a good start for some music for this hot and rather sticky summer days. And Breuker is always good for some fine music (improvised or not), that could make some nice days in these times.

But looking into the night, there are two artists, that match these days. Chet Baker is heared with his "Chet Baker Sings Sessions", not only a remembrance, but always a music that's apt to a cordial summer night. Even more, there's Chick Corea's first "Return to Forever"-Release. Although "Crystal Silence" may commemorate rather cold winters, the entire mood of this music (with Flora Purim as the voice that defines the sound to a certain degree, and especially "Sometime ago - La Fiesta") depicts these temper, when staying at the sea, roasting in the sun, and thereafter having some fun, getting a Pastis with orange juice or a Caffè Corretto in a bar, looking at the lights of the night, sweating and lost in reverie.

(One remark: Yes, I think you can listen to Return to Forever without becoming a Scientology member. Chick Corea is not Tom Cruise, and I can listen to Corea's music without ideological blinders - although Scientology has altered Corea's sound, and not always for good.)


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