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RamonesI Wanna Be Sedated 22. Feb. 2010
Headache CityHa Ha 22. Feb. 2010
TyradesCouples 22. Feb. 2010
TyvekFrustration Rock 22. Feb. 2010
Cheap TimePeople Talk 22. Feb. 2010
The Hex DispensersThe Crone (99 Cats) 22. Feb. 2010
Lover!Red Headed Monster 22. Feb. 2010
The YolksTemptation 22. Feb. 2010
Baseball FuriesWasted Life 22. Feb. 2010
Jacuzzi Boysghost ghost 22. Feb. 2010
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Über mich

I am an artist from Melbourne Australia and have been creating work for a while now. I am a printmaker by trade, and still exhibit work concentrating mainly on screenprints. I am also a puppet maker and puppeteer. I created a puppet rock band called Velvet Tongue. They were muppet type puppets created for adult audiences. We played with great bands like the Hellacopters, The Hard Ons, The Make Up, Something for Kate, Even and the Powder Monkeys. I also created another incarnation of this called the Harvey St James Combo. I am a musician and am currently in a bubble gum trash punk band band the Hutt River Solution. We play around Melbourne and have a Rock and Roll dance party that we do every 3 months or so. I have been creating comics for most of my adult life and love the work of alternative artists like Dan Clowes, Adrian Tomine, Charles Burns, Jaime Hernandez, Robert Crumb, Joe Matt and Tezuka. http://romerush.blogspot.com/

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