Ten Most Beautiful Songs Ever (2006)


5. Sep. 2006, 22:00

The ten most beautiful songs ever (in my humble opinion, of course):

10. Your Song
This song by Elton John and Berny Taupin will always hold a special place in my heart as the song that sparked my interest in making music.

9. Tomorrow We'll See
I just love how Sting seemingly without effort sends out such a powerful message: "Don't judge me, you could be me in another life." Brilliant!

8. Forever
From start to finish, Turin Brakes's JackInABox is a wonderful album, but this song is their absolute best - it just leaves me speechless every time.

7. Wonderful Tonight
I don't like all the versions of this song, but the live version that is on Chronicles is Eric Clapton at his best!

6. Don't Let Go
I'm a huge fan of Sarah McLachlan, so I just had to buy the Spirit soundtrack to get hold of this duet with Bryan Adams. It's my second favorite Sarah-song (for the favorite read on).

5. Lover You Should've Come Over
I instantly loved Jamie Cullum's rendition of this song, but -of course- the original by Jeff Buckley is far, far better. Such a shame that Jeff is no longer around to write more gems like this one...

4. Don't Give Up
This duet by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush is all childhood memories.

3. Have A Little Faith In Me
I just love this song. Bought the John Hiatt Collection, just to get this track (although the other songs are great too). I actually like Ilse DeLange's cover of this song slightly better than the original... but this definitely is John's song.

2. Hold On
The version of Hold On that's on Mirrorball is simply the best live song I have ever heard.

1. I'm About To Come Alive
Best. Lyrics. Ever! Damn, I wish I had written this song! I cannot keep a dry eye listening to this track - it goes straight to the heart.

There you have it. My list of ten most beautiful songs "ever". It'll be interesting to see how I feel about this list a year from now...


  • Daniek08

    What about Eva Cassidy's rendition of Fields of Gold? That always gets me!

    11. Mär. 2008, 22:30
  • funkatram

    Bill Frisell's version of "Have a Little Faith in Me" is amazing. It's kinda long, but stick through it, you should appreciate his incredible intonation and emotion. Same with all his songs, a great musician.

    18. Aug. 2008, 23:33
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