Bat for LashesLaura Lieblingslied Juli 2013
Bosnian RainbowsThe Eye Fell in Love Lieblingslied Juni 2013
Bosnian RainbowsWorthless Lieblingslied Juni 2013
Rosenkrantz & GyldenstjerneIn The Same Room Lieblingslied April 2013
IndiansSomewhere Else Lieblingslied April 2013
Beach HouseOther People Lieblingslied April 2013
IndiansNew Lieblingslied April 2013
IndiansMagic Kids Lieblingslied April 2013
The NationalBaby, We'll Be Fine Lieblingslied April 2013
Youth LagoonAfternoon Lieblingslied März 2013
Mikael SimpsonDu Drømmer Om et Andet Sted! Lieblingslied März 2013
Brett AndersonThe Hunted Lieblingslied März 2013
Sleep Party PeopleI'm Not Human At All Lieblingslied Februar 2013
Wild BeastsBurning Lieblingslied Februar 2013
ChinawomanLeft You at The Farm Lieblingslied Februar 2013
ChinawomanKeep In Mind Lieblingslied Februar 2013
ChinawomanAviva Lieblingslied Februar 2013
ChinawomanParty Girl Lieblingslied Februar 2013
Emitt RhodesLullabye Lieblingslied Januar 2013
The AntlersFrench Exit Lieblingslied Dezember 2012
The AntlersEvery Night My Teeth Are Falling Out Lieblingslied Dezember 2012
VetoCannibal Lieblingslied November 2012
VetoYou Are A Knife Lieblingslied November 2012
VetoI Brought The BBQ Lieblingslied November 2012
Alcoholic Faith MissionWe Need Fear Lieblingslied November 2012
Daughn GibsonA Young Girl's World Lieblingslied November 2012
Alcoholic Faith MissionSweet Evelyn Lieblingslied November 2012
Morten MyklebustLost Lieblingslied November 2012
DråpeBy Heart Lieblingslied Oktober 2012
Team MeWeathervanes and Chemicals Lieblingslied September 2012
Morten MyklebustShe She Lieblingslied September 2012
Deer BearFull Of It Lieblingslied September 2012
KråkesølvSkredder Lieblingslied September 2012
Alfred HallSo Bright Lieblingslied September 2012
Mikhael PaskalevJive Babe Lieblingslied September 2012
Sondre LercheGo Right Ahead Lieblingslied September 2012
Mikhael PaskalevI Spy Lieblingslied September 2012
Bright EyesFirst Day of My Life Lieblingslied September 2012
Bright EyesLua Lieblingslied September 2012
Jonas AlaskaOctober Lieblingslied September 2012
MetronomyEverything Goes My Way Lieblingslied September 2012
TV on the RadioLove Dog Lieblingslied September 2012
TV on the RadioStaring At The Sun Lieblingslied August 2012
Team MeA.J. And Leo Lieblingslied August 2012
The Postal ServiceSleeping In Lieblingslied August 2012
Team MeWith My Hands Covering Both of My Eyes I Am Too Scared to Have a Look at You Now Lieblingslied August 2012
Team MeShow Me Lieblingslied August 2012
The Ondt and the GracehoperRegrets Lieblingslied Juli 2012
Larsen & Furious JaneA Fool's Errand Lieblingslied Juli 2012
The Ondt and the GracehoperDemon Drive Lieblingslied Juli 2012