• 100,000!

    25. Sep. 2012, 15:11

    Old Flame - Kimbra
    In a very odd turn of events, three Kimbra songs in the top 5? :P

    This lady is a massive influence on my current musicianship. Her tenacity and stage persona mixed with her unique musical styles speak deeply to me, more so than a lot of the artists I listen to nowadays. Whether its seeing her in an alley with an acoustic guitar or live on stage with a freakin' gospel choir, she consistently impresses me with her vocal talent and songwriting skills. Can't wait for new material!

    Someone's been sleeping downstairs...
  • Almost there..

    25. Sep. 2012, 15:07

    Mary Without Sound - Motion City Soundtrack
    One of the tracks from this album that really cemented this band as one of my favourite of all time. The rawness of Justin's vocals along with the great guitars and drums really put me onto this one.
    I just love the opening stanza as well
    "Mary go round
    I'd like to see you when the summer sun sets down
    Straight from the pages into memories that hang around
    I can't believe that there is nowhere you can go
    and not be found without sound"

    Distraction - Angels & Airwaves
    I forget how much I listened to this band back in the day. I got onto the blink-182 train a little later than everyone else, being inclined to think I Miss You and Asthenia were their best tracks (which they were). Of course, I bought We Don't Need to Whisper blind, and subsequently had my face/brain/everything melted by the sheer power of Valkyrie Missile. This one was just the kicker, using its war imagery and pounding drums to set the tone for the rest of the album.

    Two Way Street - Kimbra
    Got into Kimbra through... Somebody That I Used to Know? I think? Anyways I heard Cameo Lover and immediately went out and bought the album, which was full of amazing individual songs such as this one, currently my favourite Kimbra song. Last time I remember getting full body shivers was seeing her perform this live at Groovin' the Moo with Matt Corby! That was great.

    Limbo - Kimbra
    How odd, another one out of 200+ songs left in my playlist! Seeing Kimbra open with this one at Groovin' the Moo was also great, her live band are freakin' awesome and they often do 3+ minute jams on the songs, making her live performances that much sweeter. Also, she's vocally and performance-wise perfect.

    Take Me Anywhere - Tegan and Sara
    Oh wow, this is a nice one. How on earth did I get into these guys? I think it had something to do with, or maybe another band's recommendation? Fell in love with The Con and this one was just the perfect complement to it. All of the songs on this album are lovely pop-synth-songs, with just the right amount of harmonies and heart.

    Here we go!!
  • 99991

    25. Sep. 2012, 14:06

    Who's The Boss? by Farewell Continental

    Bought my first ever vinyl when I heard whispers of Justin Pierre from Motion City Soundtrack was starting a side-project. I had no idea what to expect, no idea what the music would even be like but I knew pretty much anything he touched I would love. Took me a little while to get completely onto Farewell Continental but goddamn when !Hey Hey Pioneers! took a hold of me, it took a HOLD of me. This was one of my favourite albums from last year due to its energy, its eclectic musical influences and overall Justin Pierre's lyrics and vocals. Love love love this album, including this short little one.
  • 99940

    24. Sep. 2012, 12:29

    Mmm, so tasty.

    That video is great.
    So Hey Rosetta! supported City & Colour at their show at the Astor and I had no idea who they were. Needless to say they blew my mind hole with their amazing lyrics, song structures, swelling strings and general instrumental amazingness.
    I have nothing but love for this band, and this album is one of my favourite album-albums of all time.
    And this is Chris' favourite!
  • 99926

    23. Sep. 2012, 8:51

    Gladiator by Big Scary

    Such a sweet sweet Australian band, one that's made a huge impact on my songwriting and influences in the last year or so that I've been listening to them. Saw them live at Southbound and was absolutely blown away by how tight they were as a garage-rock-y two piece (Tuesday Is Rent Day) and then their vulnerability and general awesome Autumn.

    Cut to seeing them live twice in two days at The Bird and then Norfolk Basement in Fremantle, meeting them and just saying Hi was really great. Huge influence on me as both a band and as an Australian musician.
  • 99911 -

    23. Sep. 2012, 1:30

    Led to the Sea - Jenny Owen Youngs
    I first started listening to JOY through the recommendation of my favourite band of all time, Motion City Soundtrack. They had toured with her in the past and I'd only heard glowing reviews as well as listening to her amazing Fuck Was I but had put off getting an album until they tweeted that she had just released a brand-spankin' new one An Unwavering Band of Light. This album is so freakin' good, and easily climbed to one of my favourites of the year so far. This song's not from that one, but is awesome because there are many videos of Motion City playing this live as Jenny's backing band :O Best thing.
  • Countdown to 100,000!

    22. Sep. 2012, 16:00

    I'm quite excited by this one, decided to do something a little special..

    A playlist of my top10 albums of all time, combined with a playlist of my top10 albums of the year, in a competition to see who will take the coveted 100,000 mark of my history.

    The albums for posterity:
    1. Commit This to Memory
    2.The Con
    3. I Am the Movie
    4. Like Blood Like Honey
    5. We Don't Need to Whisper
    6. Everything in Transit
    7. So Jealous
    8. Even If It Kills Me
    9. Minutes to Midnight
    10. Manipulator

    1. ¡Hey, Hey Pioneers!
    2. An Unwavering Band of Light
    3. Prisoner
    4. Vows
    5. High Violet
    6. Transmitter Failure
    7. Vacation
    8. Go
    9. Seeds
    10. Bon Iver, Bon Iver

    Just a few thoughts on how my music taste has changed in 6 years..
    I used to religiously listen to albums over and over and over.. Which I still kind of do, but with a wider range of artists. Motion City and Tegan and Sara were obsessions of mine for the longest time, and I'm not sure I'll ever not love their music, so it's great that I'm still listening to both of them, I'm quite excited for new Tegan and Sara and seeing Motion City at Soundwave next year!

    The top artists in the last 12 months are much smaller bands :P I have become more of a hipster. Also two Australian bands who I love dearly are way up there, something that I really didn't do when I was 15.

    So I'm 21 now, and this is what my music is.
    It's funny that this has happened right now, the point where Miranda and Gordo is the biggest that we've ever been, playing Norfolk Basement last night to a heap of people and getting a heap of good feedback from people who like our music! It's all extremely exciting.

    Mm, it's a good shuffle today.
  • 90,000 on Christmas!

    25. Dez. 2011, 4:36

    It's December 25th, and it's never felt less like Christmas!

    I've been listening to a bunch of Farewell Continental recently, their album was an insanely slow growth on me after a relatively disappointing EP #2. The album's now one of my favourites of the year. I'll do a little blog about my favourite 2011 albums soon though, there have been some doozies.

    90,000 came up on a shuffle, it was

    She's So Hard by The Jezabels.

    I saw them recently, supported by Hey Rosetta! and goddamn, that was a great show. Met most of Hey Rosetta before the show, bought a shirt from the drummer and acted like quite the fanboy. They also noticed us singing every word, which must have been strange for a lesser-known Canadian band supporting in Perth, Australia. Drummer jumped down and personally gave us a setlist, which was amazing too :3

    Anyways, I'm in the middle of my annual MTGO Draft, thought I'd reward myself for a good year's work, play and study with a couple of drafts. Just purchased my new computer, which should arrive in a couple weeks, so overall everything's pretty swell! Until next milestone, the big one I think...
  • 83000

    14. Apr. 2011, 3:56

    My 83000th track was Parson Brown by Hey Rosetta!. Listened to it the morning of Thursday April 14th, just saw them support City and Colour on Monday, it was a pretty amazing concert. Now I'm at Uni beginning my 1500 word Romeo & Juliet essay :(
  • 80,000

    28. Dez. 2010, 5:23

    My 80,000th track was
    Violent Dream by The Jezabels.
    Great song on a great EP, I really have to get at least one more of theirs before seeing them at Southbound. I'm quite looking forward to that.
    Anyways I was sitting on my laptop playing Plants vs. Zombies when I scrobbled this, feeling a tad ill after drinks at Meg's last night. But good times, pictionary man.