Soft Option playlist 10/08/10


10. Aug. 2010, 21:33

Show on Radio Active, Tuesday 9-11PM NZST.

Artist - Title (Label) Country (Free?)
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - People Get Ready (A&M) USA
Al Green - That's The Way It Is (Hi) USA
Aloe Blacc - Femme Fatale (Stones Throw) USA (Free download)
Electric Wire Hustle - Gimme That Kinda (Every Waking Hour) NZ
Charles Trees - Exodus (Scion A/V) USA
DJ Vadim - That Which Is Coming (feat. Rev Clevie Brown) (Ninja Tune) UK
Mikah 9 - Life or Death (Click Track version) (Mean Street) USA
Freestyle Fellowship - Sunshine Men (Sun Music) USA
Beem - Color Separated (w. Peder from Deportees) (Self-released) Sweden (Free download)
To Rococo Rot And I-Sound - Overhead (City Slang) Germany and USA
Aquaboogie - Corn Dog (Angry Rabbit) NZ
Pulp - The Trees (Universal Island records) UK
The Pastels - Leaving This Island (Jim O'Rourke remix) (Domino) UK (USA)
Faux Pas - Pretend Tough (Pasobionic remix) (Self-released) Australia (Free download)
Osborne - Afrika (Bullion Remix) (Ghostly International) USA
The Exposures - Theme of 'Ifs And Buts' (Eastern DeVelopments) Germany
Some Water and Sun - Gloomy Town (Hefty) USA / Japan (Free download)
O'Jays - Back Stabbers (Epic) USA
Curtis Mayfield - Check Out Your Mind (Curtom) USA
Christopher Willits - Light Into Branches (Ghostly International) USA (Free download)
Gastr Del Sol - Bauchredner (Thrill Jockey) USA
Dntel - Rock My Boat (Sub Pop) USA
Dimmer - Pendulum (Columbia) NZ
Reefer - Let It Go (Flying Lotus Remix) (Alpha Pup) USA (Free download)
Take & Lukid - Navigators (Inner Current) USA & UK
Matthewdavid - Trusss (Self-released) USA (Free download)
Radian - Nord (Thrill Jockey) Austria


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