DEEP Playlist 22/09/09


22. Sep. 2009, 14:15

Here's what I played on DEEP.

Mapstation - The Sinuous Ribbon (~scape) Germany
Hood - //- (Domino) UK
Greg Davis - Improved Dreaming (Carpark) USA
Jodi Cave - #Two (Carbon Recordings) UK
SLEEPY - Foob (Surgery / Monotonik) USA (Free download)
Elian - Being on the phone during a thunderstorm (Test Tube) USA (Free download)
Jet Jaguar - Kit Bag (Capital Recordings) NZ
Segue vs. Deciduous - Attention Span Decreasing (Duckbay) Canada
Kit Clayton - Inapiseptili (~Scape) USA
Isan - Stickland (Morr Music) UK
lism - Ultimately Y (Disques Corde) Japan
Bretschneider+Steinbrüchel - Frequenz (12k) Germany / Switzerland
Lomov - Stadtrand (Miasmah) Germany (Free download)
Aer - Take Off Your Clothes (Sub Rosa) UK
Unit 21 - snow on your bed (Peace Technologies) Russia
Ten and Tracer - Vintage Airplane - Vintage Man (Zymogen) USA (Free download)
Susumu Yokota - Spool (Leaf) Japan
Melodium - feletone (Autres Directions In Music) France (Free download)
Rafael Toral - Hay Que Trabajo Me Cuesta Quererte Como Te Quiero (Touch) Portugal
Gultskra Artikler - kosmolet (Autoplate) Russia (Free download)
Rawell - Cycles (Plug Research) Germany
Dj Klock - relief relief (Revirth) Japan
Oren Ambarchi - My Melancholy Baby I (Spunk) Australia
Oren Ambarchi - My Melancholy Baby II (Spunk) Australia
Minus Pilots - eleven eleven three (Term.) UK (Free download)


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