Deep playlist 20/05/08


22. Mai. 2008, 1:26

Here's what I played Tuesday night. The show streams on Radio Active and I DJ on it about once a month. Drop me a line if you'd like to know when the next one is.

Tracks that are untitled get the square brackets treatment.

Signer - [Involve EP 02 track A1] (Involve) NZ
Rosy Parlane - [#1-4 track 6] (Sigma Editions) NZ
Parmentier - [Luxsound track 5] (Sigma Editions) NZ
Andrew Thomas - A Dream of a Spider (Involve) NZ
Patio - Damper (Involve) NZ
Aquaboogie - jack frost (Angry Rabbit) NZ
Alog - 3 Solitaires (Creaked Records) Norway
Mark Templeton - Across From Golden (remix) (Anticipate Recordings) USA
Pjusk - anelse (12k) Norway
Kapital Band 1 - Playing By Numbers (Mosz) Austria
Peel - Metalwork (Opsound) NZ (Free download)
Pan American - wing (Kranky) USA
Morgan Packard - Airships Fill the Sky (Anticipate Recordings) USA
Mitchell Akiyama - And sun into dust (Tu M'P3) Canada (Free download)
Frans de Waard - FRAME (Tu M'P3) Belgium (Free download)
Ekkehard Ehlers - The Babes in the Wood (version) (Tu M'P3) Germany (Free download)
Yoshio Machida - Infini (Tu M'P3) Japan (Free download)
Ultra Milkmaids - Mew (klak) (Tu M'P3) France (Free download)
Oren Ambarchi - Remedios the Beauty (Touch) Australia
Zammuto - Some Moss (Apartment B) USA


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