30. Jun. 2007, 5:35

Post fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

(Not in any particular order…except the first few or so)

1. Supertramp
First song: I’m not sure, but it was most likely be Breakfast in America or something.
Made me fall in love: School?
Current favorite: From Now On. Rick Davies owns at life.

2. Keane
First song: Somewhere Only We Know, obviously.
Made me fall in love: Same as above. Honestly, how can you not like that song.
Current favorite: I’m sure Nothing in My Way will always be my staple.

3. Brendan Benson
First song: Tiny Spark?
Made me fall in love: I think Spit It Out started my true love for him.
Current favorite: Untitled. Will it ever get a title?

4. The Raconteurs
First song: Steady, as She Goes, naturally.
Made me fall in love: Same as above, once again.
Current favorite: Intimate Secretary, now that I know that the Freemasons may have inspired it. Creepy.

5. David Bowie
First song: Changes. Yup.
Made me fall in love: See above. You can’t deny the Bowie.
Current favorite: Sound and Vision. One of the best guitar riffs ever.

6. The Pipettes
First song: Pull Shapes. DANCE WITH ME, PRETTY BOY. TONIGHT.
Made me fall in love: Judy. Whatchoo gonna dooooooooo…
Current favorite: Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me. I need to get that new EP!

7. The Hush Sound
First song: Momentum.
Made me fall in love: Same as above. ALL WE NEEEEED IS A LITTLE BIT OF INERTIA…
Current favorite: Now that I think about it, that song is totally one of my favorites by them.

8. Franz Ferdinand
First song: Take Me Out. Of course.
Made me fall in love: I did like Take Me Out, but This Fire drew me in even more.
Current favorite: Oh man, This Fire really is great. I miss Franz. A lot.

9. The Killers. I really hate to say this, but yeah.
First song: Somebody Told Me. Like everyone else.
Made me fall in love: All These Things That I've Done. Gosh, that song was like my anthem until everybody else started singing it.
Current favorite: Believe Me Natalie. I kind of forgot about it. I love the harmonies.

10. The White Stripes
First song: We Are Gonna Be Friends, I suppose.
Made me fall in love: Seven Nation Army. Me, and all the other pre-teens.
Current favorite: Conquest. That song is…crazy.

11. Queen
First song: Bohemian Rhapsody.
Made me fall in love: Same as above. I mean, really.
Current favorite: Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy. One of my favorite songs ever.

12. Eisley
First song: Memories. Ahh, memories of when I first heard them…
Made me fall in love: Yeah, Memories was definitely the key.
Current favorite: Brightly Wound will always be in my heart.

13. The Golden Dogs
First song: Never Meant Any Harm, late at night, on MuchMoreMusic.
Made me fall in love: Saints at the Gate. WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN...
Current favorite: Construction Worker. I think it’s probably one of the most awesome songs of all time.

14. The New Pornographers
First song: Nooooo idea. It was too long ago.
Made me fall in love: Once again, I have no idea.
Current favorite: All I know is that The Bleeding Heart Show will never stop giving me chills.

15. The Thrills
First song: Whatever Happened To Corey Haim? Really? What happened?
Made me fall in love: Probably the same.
Current favorite: The Irish Keep Gate-Crashing, because that is a freaking classic.


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