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15. Mai. 2008, 19:32

A good day to everyone!

I think most people reading this will agree with me when I say the Radio stations are about the best thing to happen for music since the invention of... radio itself?
It's not seldom that I think to myself, while intensely enjoying listening to whatever style of music I felt like hearing at that given time, what a truly unseen joy it is to be able to do so.

So, we've got this far.
There's only one more thing missing that I can think of.
Sometimes I don't feel like listening to one particular style of music. Times when I don't feel like hearing some of's - otherwise great - recommendations.
Times when I simply feel like stepping out of my own musical catalogue and want to listen to the broadest selection of music possible.

In other words: listen to a radio that includes every artist streamable on

As far as I know, this can't be done at this point.

That's why I started using the tag.
Whenever I'm tagging an artist, album or song, I simply tag it with , too.

Now, when I'm the only one doing this, it won't have any effect. Listening to the Radio would theoretically mean listening to my own personal radio. Luckily I'm not the only one using it; at this moment there's 322 other people doing so. But that's not enough to create a movement!

So this is where you step in.
Share your thoughts with me. Has this been tried yet? Please comment on this journal!
But most of all: join me in my project!

Tag everything with everything!

- Jelle


  • Whosthatrandom

    You could also try using the or tag radio stations, those are as genre-unspecific as you can get!

    16. Mai. 2008, 9:21
  • Whosthatrandom

    Well, on second looks, they do seem to be biased towards rock music, but perhaps that's because that's the most popular genre on

    16. Mai. 2008, 9:22
  • jellevc

    Thanks for your comments, Whosthatrandom! I had thought about the 'seen live' tag already, but figured that it was still way too narrow for what I'm looking for. Any classical composer would probably never be included in such a station, for instance. I did not know about the music tag, which is already way more interesting! But, it's still doesn't quite do the job would do, as it only includes... music. :) I agree on your thoughts regarding the biasedness towards rock music; I guess that's just something we'd have to live with. One more reason to shout out to fans of all kinds of music to tag their favourite (and not so favourite) artists with !

    16. Mai. 2008, 10:32
  • M60Patton

    Hey ! Just wanted to say that you have my full support!

    16. Mai. 2008, 21:40
  • jellevc

    Thanks a lot M60Patton and thanks for tagging, too! :)

    18. Mai. 2008, 21:05
  • dahnraelz

    Agreed, gonna tag aswell ;-)

    20. Mai. 2008, 14:52
  • namnatulco

    Cheers, I'll help out too^^. One thing, it might be a good idea to only tag things "everything" if they havent already. That way it won't mess up the tags anywhere.

    21. Mai. 2008, 20:51
  • jellevc


    21. Mai. 2008, 23:03
  • Toasterbottom

    You might be on to something brilliant here! I started using tags and then decided they didn't really do anything for me (and so cleared all my tags), but this has given me a whole new take on them. I'm listening to the "Everything" tag station right now. First song was Camille – Vous (liked it!), second song was Dave Brubek - In Your Own Sweet Way (enjoyed it even though jazz isn't really my thing). Third song: Bram Vermeulen - Vreemde Eend (where else but could I have heard this as someone who lives in Canada?!). So far nothing that could really be called rock as suggested above. I think I'm going to become a regular Everything listener! Thanks for broadening my musical tastes a little more! Completed your survey, btw. Good luck with that!

    29. Mai. 2008, 3:42
  • jellevc

    Haha fantastic, Toasterbottom. I even think those three songs/artists were tagged by me. Bram Vermeulen is one of my top 5 artists. :) Glad you're with me and thanks for filling out my survey too!

    29. Mai. 2008, 10:12
  • Schimpon

    Good idea jellie, i try to use it too now. I do think some other fellas have tried this before. I 've allready seen the 'lesser known, yet streamable', and the 'something different' tags for example. Maybe something to try out?

    16. Jun. 2008, 14:57
  • jellevc

    Some good tips, Schimponsee, thanks!

    17. Jun. 2008, 8:32
  • OvergrownIndigo

    Just dropping by to say that I love your idea,and you have my support.Greetings!

    13. Aug. 2008, 11:21
  • jellevc

    Thanks a lot OvergrownIndigo!

    14. Aug. 2008, 10:08
  • indie-grrl

    Great idea! The only problem I see that the "everything" tag might be the biggest one ever and overwhelm every other tag o_O

    14. Aug. 2008, 10:26
  • jellevc

    That would be great. :)

    16. Aug. 2008, 8:37
  • Elgaladwen

    That's a good idea! I don't use many tags, so it will be funny to have so much under that tag. I think every time I 'love' something, which is pretty often, I will tag it everything, too!

    19. Aug. 2008, 2:43
  • hazzahoover

    stupid idea whats the point in tagging things if you just do this?

    27. Aug. 2008, 10:50
  • koenrodenburg

    Great idea! I'll start tagging everything as 'everything' ;)

    20. Sep. 2008, 15:48
  • dianashamilton

    FWIW The tag is pretty broad-based. It came from a short but intense spate of autotagging from PandoraFM.

    31. Okt. 2008, 15:21
  • Ant718

    I like this idea and will start tagging as well.

    18. Jan. 2010, 1:08
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