BSS and beyond


16. Dez. 2008, 2:18

My love affair with Broken Social Scene continues. There's nothing like finding a new band to be in love with. I'm very excited to see them at the end of January in Austin's Bass Concern Hall.

In other news, I'm liking Dr. Dog quite a bit as well. They seem like a band best heard live, and since the first recording of theirs I heard was a live one, I'm still getting to know it a bit longer before I buy one of their studio albums. I found a few tracks from Fate that I really like:

The Ark
The Beach
The Old Days

I do believe this will be one of my next purchases.

After reading about Frightened Rabbit in the AV Club, I listened to the previews on iTunes and some full tracks on Their album The Midnight Organd Fight made the AV Club's top 25 albums of 2008. I have the feeling that this is an album I would have immediately liked at one time in my life, but it would take a bit of effort now. What attracted me was the reviewer's comparison of this band to The Long Winters. I don't hear it, so far, and it is just not grabbing me.

Speaking of the AV Club, their music reviewers collectively named Dear Science the #1 album of 2008. I got into Return To Cookie Mountain only a couple months before their new album came out. I like it... it has a post apocalyptic feel that makes me want to wander the decaying urban wastland in the ramshackle night. The new album lacks that unifying feel.

I wish I could better describe what really grabs me about Broken Social Scene. The tracks are rich and deeply layered. I'm no professional musician, but I can carry a tune and feel like I could sit in with these guys and be one voice in the mix and it would only add to the richness. Maybe that's one thing that appeals. There's so much more. Did I mention I'm excited to see them live?

I haven't been this excited about a show since My Morning Jacket tickets went on sale on their Evil Urges tour. That was a good show.

That's enough for now.


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