• Service-la Blendt

    12. Feb. 2008, 3:24

    At your service, just like the blasty l'Eddwardd Vader on a hoplrts jobb, Dupobs like to offer you our service. In tens. La service, in fact. Check it out, as the kids say...Le Album Le Sex L'ove is still there; it's not going away, fuckeur...

    Song Ten - Service-la Blendt

    So hough hey yah. pop slides into a pile of plop in the desert. Everything but all your favourites shall be exterminated there. The plop pile party-haw. And it funks up. Watch the evening news and read the morning paper. Cos that's such a valuable way to spend yir time.
  • Gib Kawaii Is Bum-Free Now

    14. Dez. 2007, 23:50

    Dupobs come back to earth with a great rock and roll band Le Sex L'ove album, and you keep on keepin on, slom-hom noodle head. Something for your face?

    Song Nine - Gib Kawaii is Bum-Free Now

    33 Dec 2007 28:50

    Hey hun,

    sorry about that I must have given you the wrong bum bum. That's funny because I tried that one a while ago too, the one I gave you, and it made me all mad because they boomed real bad, and they didn't pacify my unending banality too good either they offered like sweepstakes and stuff instead of cash mo mon. But anyways, the right site is


    it's the one I am making $6 a week with putting in about 23 hours a week, sometimes up to like 30 hours if I'm daydreaming about you, you hoo hun, you two and too, blun.

    After you get your retarded membership make sure you sign up with the big big companies on page seventy-one in the members section manual closed off only to VIPs ya because they are the ones that pay you the most, I got $7 for one that took me 25 minutes today. You'll see what I'm talking about when you get in there and pay your life savings away to crooks-haw. Jackie started taking these amazing drugs too and she's making $8000 a week, it's making me so sick because I'm all out of holes that I can plug - the one that showed her which one to sign up with now she's making more than me. thanme than me. thanme than me. thanmeAlright well me and Ewen are getting ready to leave nnnn-now, just give me a call or I'll catch you on here and let me know if you have any problems with your membership. TTYS hun and LOLLIMONSTERS bun &. @. ^
  • Absolut Shit Nights

    24. Okt. 2007, 11:05

    Dupobs fan culture finally explained:

    An anonymous fanvid, using the song Absolut Shit Nights, from the Drop The Coin CD. Whoever they are, they seem to get it.
  • Nuts 2 That Azz

    20. Okt. 2007, 18:56

    Dupobs go on talking about their newest album Le Sex L'ove, and you keep on fuhvkdfbkjvbnlodnfvahhhck!...

    Song Five - Nuts 2 that Azz

    The celebrity of Liszt and the moaning of parallel organum. the authentic and the shite, and the Final Fantasy/NHL sport talk ah-le-lah. That pungent synth; it is your friend forever. doom do do dah de dah doom dod de dah. then we get some easy funk, and some cattle call orn du fronce.
  • Malleable Pad/Sexy As Cud

    10. Okt. 2007, 8:06

    Dupobs just can't help describing themselves. Their fourth track from their new LP Le Sex L'ove is now available for free download. And it's called

    Track Four - Malleable Pad / Sexy As Cud

    It goes something like this:

    Cows sing blues and rap and crap all over Fronce. A gamelan breaks all its rhythmic rules, accidentally, in a way that resembles the hottest hits. it's absolutely terrifying. a new rhythm machine beats up an older one. old sad sacks fall out of the storybook.
  • what do you think of the dupobs new album?

    5. Okt. 2007, 23:17

    What do you think of the Dupobs' new album (Le Sex L'ove)? Here's what some people are saying...

    What do you think so far?
  • Le Sex L'ove

    2. Okt. 2007, 15:19

    As if you were willing to learn more about us than anyone needs to know, Les Dupobs gives you the third and title track from our brand new LP Le Sex L'ove for free unfettered download, along with the tantalizing song description below...

    Track Three - Le Sex l'Ove

    country haw, and mixed with untrammeled furore. talking into horns as an introspective, mousy mushroomy smell. rant and rant and pant. sexy love is like that. this is an industrial paean, a minuet for the lobotomized. hayseed textures form an unusual foundation for this pop masterpiece.
  • CiTR to Les Dupobs: "It's the start of a Christmas miracle!"

    28. Sep. 2007, 17:42

    Commentary about Les Dupobs:

    Click here to view the entire sheet.
  • Sur la Platte!

    25. Sep. 2007, 20:32

    Along with a textual enhancement/guide below, Les Dupobs give you the second track from our brand new LP Le Sex L'ove for free unfettered download. C'est gratuit! Et quel amusement! Enjoy!...

    Track Two - Sur la Platte

    a free jazz military exercise. a call to arms in the struggle versus subjugation masked as harmonious communities. these ugly, dirty beings that we are are capable of so much filth, vomit, degradation. freud would tell us to channel, to sublimate these id impulses into art. it seems so alien to the pop paradigm. it should not be so alien. on the plate are so many options, and here we are trampling them all. the finale is intricate but pathetic, masturbatory, spurty. Coltrane with no religion and no skill.
  • New album release: Le Sex L'ove!

    22. Sep. 2007, 0:07

    Les Dupobs are proud to announce the online release of their second LP, Le Sex L'ove.

    The online release is rolling out over several weeks. Each week we will make a new track available for free, unencumbered download at our Last.fm page (Dupobs). We'll remind you by posting a little story or explanation about each song in this blog. Hopefully the post about each song will enhance the experience.

    If you are a reviewer, radio DJ, or music blogger and would like to receive a CDR of this material, we'd love for you to get in touch with us. Contact sampler at dupobs dot ca with your credentials, URL, and what not, and if it looks like a good fit we'll burn & send you one.

    but for now - on to the song introductions...

    Track One - Charred Inflatable Ball Finally Explode In Mouth

    Charred Inflatable Ball Finally Explode In Mouth est un chanson très mysterieux, et une departure des autres travails du dupobs. It starts with a churning stomach and ends with an epileptic rhythm machine that steals the show from the participants. Awkward and lame patriotic gesture is inverted and trampled by its own self-mechanizing processes. We are showing the ugly excess of modern technics and warfare. We give you the start gate stumble of the premiere chanson des Dupobs.

    /end track information. The significance of balls in the dupobs imaginary was revealed on Sept 18th at our debut live show in Vancouver. Here's some video coverage of that event: