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EnyaMay It Be 24. Mär., 18:43
Howard ShoreAt the Sign of the Prancing Pony 24. Mär., 18:40
Howard ShoreAt the Sign of the Prancing Pony 24. Mär., 18:37
Howard ShoreThe Shadow of the Past 24. Mär., 18:33
Howard ShoreEvenstar (Featuring Isabel Bayrakdarian) 24. Mär., 18:30
Howard ShoreThe Uruk-Hai 24. Mär., 18:27
Howard ShoreA Knife in the Dark 24. Mär., 18:23
Howard ShoreHope Fails 24. Mär., 18:21
Howard ShoreFlight to the Ford 24. Mär., 18:17
Howard ShoreThe Taming of Sméagol 24. Mär., 18:14
Emilíana TorriniGollum's Song 24. Mär., 18:08
Howard ShoreThe Prophecy 24. Mär., 18:04
Lenny KravitzMy Love 1. Mär., 4:49
Kerry LivgrenGround Zero 1. Mär., 4:40
Lenny KravitzHeaven Help 1. Mär., 4:37
Lenny KravitzButterfly 1. Mär., 4:35
KansasThe Wall 1. Mär., 4:30
KansasDon't Take Your Love Away 1. Mär., 4:27
Lenny KravitzIf You Can't Say No 1. Mär., 4:21
KansasGoing Through the Motions 1. Mär., 4:15
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  • heavyindie

    Hey! I think I am playing very unusual and original music.. but all musicians think in this way, I guess) I need someone who tell me, "it's interesting" or "not interesting" =) without dirty words, "fuck off" or something that, JUST "interesting" or "not", ok?_) I want to hear honest opinion, from adult person, can you?) Thank you for attention! ;) Click here to visit our Last.fm page!))

    3. Aug. 2010 Antworten

Über mich

Music has carried me through some of the toughest times and gave me a voice when I was least able to understand why growing up was so difficult. Like with my faith in Jesus, I walked away from my music and the music I loved when I got divorced in the late 80s. Fortunately for me, I was reminded of all that I'd forgotten several years ago, when someone special came into my life and rewakened the faith, love and music that was inside of me.