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  • knalblauw

    Dat ben ik geloof ik, ja! Grappig dat jij mij zo kent. Dus mijn gok was juist dat jij de dooppeter bent van mooie lieve Juno! Ben jij wel geweest naar Sufjan Stevens?

    Juli 2011
  • kaskat

    oh you do! Their new album is sooooo good. Definitely one of the most listened on my ipod these days... The gig was really good. Small venue (Vampire Weekend was performing same night in AB so all indie kids were there) but packed; I fell in love with the singer and her looong hair and strange voice. Quite something I'm telling you.. Enjoy listening anyways.

    Februar 2010
  • kaskat

    Hi there! Local Natives are not bad indeed, thanks. Off to see Beach House tonight. Soooo excited. Big expectations and pretty sure they will deliver :)

    Februar 2010
  • loveintheham

    Thanks! I like your list too. Seems like half the time my music doesn't scrobble right. I also just re-loaded the program after about 6 months away due to a hard drive crash....

    Oktober 2009
  • JessieAbby

    Hi, hmm, I'm not sure what to recommend. Maybe check in my top 100 artists? Off the top of my head: Antlers, Ólafur Arnalds, Girls in Hawaii, Nada Surf... Cheers!

    August 2009
  • sarahfkag

    Hey there, I can just return the compliment on your taste in music. Thanks for the advice - the Great Lake Swimmers Live Session is marvelous!

    August 2009
  • JessieAbby

    Hey! Good stuff here as well! Love your avatar :)

    August 2009
  • jeziga

    Hello super, nice charts

    August 2009
  • spm08588

    just thought i'd let you know that you're doing a SUPER job selecting the music you listen to...oh and that your avatar MFN ROKS!

    Dezember 2008
  • chauffeeau

    Are we the same person? I think that we are.

    Juli 2008
  • mejez

    haha, awesome! right back atcha ;)

    Juli 2008
  • jaggy0

    Looking at your charts gives me some good musical ideas.

    Juli 2008
  • maite8

    Hey Jason! Alles goed? Blij dat ik last fm ontdekt heb. Fantastish middel om nieuwe muziek te leren kennen!Groet!

    April 2008
  • t_bone_tricia

    About the Botticellis...I only have the mp3s from their label's website and hype machine. Album out in May. I really like what I hear so far. Nice 'Where the Wild Things Are' avatar BTW ;)

    April 2008
  • Formost

    aha, listening to dEUS ... nice

    Januar 2008

    Europe was fantastic. We love Belgium and saw Tom Boonen finish in Gent. Thanks for the OK covers site. Great stuff!

    Juli 2007